Thursday, September 22, 2011

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Shoaib said...

Mr Zaid Hamid
I would like to ask you about some things about your vision. Let me introduce my name is Shoaib and I am from Pakistan. I have been living in London since Last 5 years. My question is what is your Vision. I was listening your interview about 1965 Indo Pak war. you described lots of things about Pakistan's victory and India's defeat. I searched on Wikipedia about war but there were lots of things which were wrong according to your statement. Those all things which were different from your statement assessed by neutral claims. I am gonna attach all this page with my mail and please reply me about your vision. One thing more why should we like or follow our Pak army because army's duty is to do defend its country in war. But in Pak its different, In Pak army use to do rule and you as a nation man advise your youth to do war. If you look upon your army's strategy from 1947-1999 the army even couldn't defend its territory and recently OBL operation by US in Pak. Please answer my Questions and I m gonna again describe you that I don't have relation with any party or organization. I am just common citizen of Pakistan .

Anonymous said...

your Question has been forwarded to Zaid hamid sb,

Ahmed said...

I wish Zaid Sahab's reply would have been posted here as well, for other people to benefit from as well.

Wikipedia is infested with indos anyway, they edit every article to their benefit, and remove details they find uncomfortable.