Monday, October 31, 2011

Pakistani youth have a new hero now MashAllah! Our own Baba Iqbal !A group of youth have launched these T shirts to raise funds for flood relief. Great cause also promotes our ideological role model. The Ghazi Community Services in collaboration with Pakistan United & Next Generation Pakistan are now working on Rehabilitation in Flood Affected Areas ! All profits earned from these shirts will go to the cause of Rehabilitation ! Price: Rs. 650/- Sizes: M to XXL !

To purchase or for details contact 0313-4068207 or 0322-4110667 !

Thursday, October 27, 2011

Alhamdolillah, this is our azaan which shook the Kufr again. Our request to the members -- pl do not abuse the host. His duty is to ask harsh and tough questions which are being spread as lies by the opponents. The host is a decent person and had the courage to invite us to the program despite resistance. We had recorded about 54 minutes of the program but due to time constraints only about 35 minutes were aired. But khair, alhamdolillah, even these were enough to blast the enemies on all axis. Shukar Alhamdolillah!!! 

Saturday, October 15, 2011

InshAllah, we will give our azaan come hell or high water, for the defense of our faith, people and land. The worst slaves of shaitan are those whom Rasul Allah (sm) has called Khawarij, the enemies of Allah and Rasul Allah and Momineen. Kharjis are todays TTP and all those Congressi Mullahs who consider Quaid Azamn as Kafir and Pakistan as Kafiristan and Pakistan army as Kafirs! We have declaredwar on these slaves of Hindu Zionists and will defend Pak Sarzamnee against these enemies. Our Azaan of Ghazwa e Hind has terrorized the Hindu Zionists and now they are launching these Kharjis to attack Pak Sarzamneen and its army! Know your enemy well. anyone against us in this war is from the enemies!

Part 1

Part 2

Friday, October 14, 2011

Sir Zaid Hamid answers a question by a young man who wants to know about the possibility of peace in the region. Western, elitist countries are responsible for all the atrocities and wars in the world. :::.ENGLISH SUBTITLES.::::

Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Zaid Hamid Interview with Radio Islam

Alhamdolillah, our azaan is now firmly going globally, respected and honored by millions of freedom loving people across all continents. Last week, we gave the radio interview to Mark Glenn which went powerfully to the entire world. Now this another one with Radio South Africa going global again within Islamic circles especially in Africa. InshAllah, our azaan on Pakistan's premier channels would also continue regularly as and when required. Allah is giving Barakah Alhamdolillah! Listen to this and arm yourself with the weapon of knowledge!