Saturday, October 15, 2011

InshAllah, we will give our azaan come hell or high water, for the defense of our faith, people and land. The worst slaves of shaitan are those whom Rasul Allah (sm) has called Khawarij, the enemies of Allah and Rasul Allah and Momineen. Kharjis are todays TTP and all those Congressi Mullahs who consider Quaid Azamn as Kafir and Pakistan as Kafiristan and Pakistan army as Kafirs! We have declaredwar on these slaves of Hindu Zionists and will defend Pak Sarzamnee against these enemies. Our Azaan of Ghazwa e Hind has terrorized the Hindu Zionists and now they are launching these Kharjis to attack Pak Sarzamneen and its army! Know your enemy well. anyone against us in this war is from the enemies!

Part 1

Part 2

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SAM said...

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