Monday, October 31, 2011

Pakistani youth have a new hero now MashAllah! Our own Baba Iqbal !A group of youth have launched these T shirts to raise funds for flood relief. Great cause also promotes our ideological role model. The Ghazi Community Services in collaboration with Pakistan United & Next Generation Pakistan are now working on Rehabilitation in Flood Affected Areas ! All profits earned from these shirts will go to the cause of Rehabilitation ! Price: Rs. 650/- Sizes: M to XXL !

To purchase or for details contact 0313-4068207 or 0322-4110667 !

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Fahad Hameed Khan said...

Nice......we can also write sayings, motivational poetry of Allama Iqbal on T-shirts...One more Idea could be ...If some one present Iqbal's poetry in pictorial r available in markets which describe Iqbal's poetry in pictorial form..any how its a v good step n new ideas on same pattern may also be introduce time to time..Be Blessed...Ameed