Thursday, December 22, 2011

From Indus to Oxus - Book

For those outside Pakistan -- The director of the bookshop Mr. Books is Yusuf sahib. He has contacts for global distribution InshAllah. For those outside Pakistan, please send him your purchase requests and InshAllah, he can get the books delivered to you.

His details are: Muhemmed Eusoph. Cell Number: +92-300-8500800.
Landline: +92-51-2278843, 2278845
He will charge shipping charges or if he stocks them in Europe or UAE, then perhaps can send you at the price we have fixed for Pakistan.

Please note that Mr. Books are independent booksellers and BrassTacks are not responsible for your deals with them. We are also trying to set up a distribution network but for now we don't have one outside of Pakistan.

If there are bulk orders from one city or community, say about 15 books, then we can use DHL to send them to you. That would be economical for you and us. Sending individual book via DHL is extremely expensive. So, if you are in a community, get your friends together and place a bulk order. InshAllah, we shall then add the shipping cost and send the books to you. InshAllah Khair.

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