Thursday, December 1, 2011

Tensions are rising rapidly in the region. Britain has ordered all the Iranian diplomatic staff to leave UK within 48 hours. Iran is also taking a tough and dignified line. US and NATO have also declared a war on Pakistan and there is a great possibility that more hostilities may break out between Pakistan and western crusaders. The traitor government in Islamabad was caught red handed in the memo scandal and is now desperate to prove itself as patriotic, hence making noises in defence of Pakistan. But we know their reality. They are the treacherous snakes who have sold the honor of Medina e Sani.

Haqqani knew of a list of 362 targets which the US had planned to strike inside Pakistan including the residences of entire army leadership in Pakistan. Now US is getting desperate as its supplies are choked and even Russia is threatening to block the northern route. 150,000 crusaders in Afghanistan are now encircled and trapped with hostile Muslim nations around them. War is a real possibility.

US and NATO are insane animals and can resort to a violent means to try to threaten Pakistan to re-open their supply lines. They may even try to land their amphibious forces in Gawader to try to cut a land route to Afghanistan. But for that, US will have to attack Pakistan's strategic targets and try to destroy the PAF and army. Indians are waiting for such an opportunity to enter Pakistan under their cold start military doctrine.

We ask all Pakistanis to stand firm, stand united, prepare spiritually, mentally and physically to defend your land, honor and faith. InshAllah, millions of Pakistanis will ambush the crusaders and Zionists if they dare to enter Pak Sarzameen. We are ready and by Allah, this time, we will NOT take prisoners! Zaid Hamid

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