Monday, December 12, 2011

We exposed the CIA war against Pakistan : Syed Zaid Zaman Hamid

Alhamdolillah, For the last 4 years, we have been warning the US not to mess with Pakistan and not to test our patience. "You will curse the day you were born", we had clearly given them notice. They called our threats as empty bluffs, ignored our warnings in their arrogance and their slaves in Pakistan made jokes and poked fun upon us calling us war monger and conspiracy theorists. We exposed the CIA war against Pak sarzameen in our TV program "CIA threats to Pakistan" and demanded a block to NATO supplies. The slaves in media and politics said we cannot fight the US. We gave hope to our nation that US is a body with deep cancer. It cannot fight a Muslim nation with nuclear weapons and we must choke their supplies.

Alhamdolillah, kept giving azaan and waited with patience for them to make blunders after blunder and then finally, our nation and army erupted in rage against the Zionists.

Now It is a classic geopolitical, diplomatic and military crisis for the US and NATO which has no solution except their humiliation. Everything is becoming a disaster for the US and NATO. If they could fight us, they would never have vacated Shamsi in such humiliation and haste.

Now as far as Afghanistan and Pakistan is concerned.

1. They cannot control the war in Afghanistan. Taliban are now resurgent and on the attack.

2. Bonn Conference was a fiasco. Future plans for Afghanistan are in jeopardy.

3. Their supplies are blocked. Winters have set in forcing them to halt military operations due to fuel shortages.

4. The regime of PPP is in chaos as Zardari fleds. Now US have to deal with a tough Pak army.

5. Their bases are being vacated from Pakistan.

6. Their drone operations which were critically vital for their military operations have come to a stop.

7. They supplies are being attacked inside Pakistan.

8. There are chances of their air corridor being blocked as well.

9. Pakistan may seize their supplies already in the country.

10. Pakistan army is ready to go to war and the US has to think a million times before pushing a nuclear armed Islamic country.

11. Iran and Pakistan are both joining hands militarily. China remains active supporter and ally of Pakistan.

12. NATO nations are facing an economic collapse at home creating an unprecedented chaos in the Euro zone.

This is the moment Pakistan had been waiting for so patiently for the last 10 years. After over 100,000 Pakistanis dead and wounded and thousands of suicide bombings with over $50 bn dollars of loss, Pakistan now has a chance to pull itself out of the US war inside Afghanistan. The new rules of engagement are being drawn in the GHQ. They may demand a total and complete withdrawal of the US forces from Afghanistan, elimination of all TTP and insurgent assets and cessation of US support to these insurgents, elimination of Indian influence in Afghanistan and Pakistan’s role in forming the next broad based government in Kabul. Now Pakistan will not settle for compensation or promises of aid and trade. Matters have come too far from that point now.

The project for the new American century which had envisaged US as the global power in the 21st century is now being buried in the gorges of Afghanistan and in the plains of Pakistan. We had warned you. Now we will decide your fate and we can assure you we dont plan to take prisioners.

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