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From Indus to Oxus - Lahore Book Launch English Translation

By Syeda Qudsia Mashhadi

Text of Syed Zaid Zaman Hamid’s address on the launch of his memoirs in Lahore on 24th December 2011.
Allahuma Salay Ala Mohammad wa Barik wasalam. Alhamdolillah-i-Rabil Alameen.

My dear brothers and sisters welcome to this launch. Today there is a special friend from Turkey with us too. This is not a formal function. Only a few friends and members have gathered here to say thanks to Allah for the duty that was given to this Faqeer 25 years ago. Today that trust is being returned to Ummat-e-Rasool [sm]. Each one of us is assigned some duties by Allah [swt] and given a few trusts by Him. They can be in the form of knowledge, in the form of wealth or in the form of health. It is mandatory for man to return those trusts to Allah. Inna lillahi wa inna ilahi rajioon. [To him we belong and to him we shall return.] Everyone has to unconditionally return those trusts to Allah ultimately but the men of Allah return those entrusted gifts to Allah by choice. This narrative was one of those trusts. A 22 year-old young man was sent by Allah in the Afghan Jihad, and this was not by accident; it was divinely ordained.
Afghan jihad is the greatest incident in the recent history of Muslim Ummah. For the last 300 years, none of the Muslim resistance movements have been successful except Afghan Jihad. From Tipu Sultan to Siraj-ud-Dola, from 1857 ‘s war of independence to Imam Shamil’s resistance and Umar Mukhtar’s struggle, the Muslim nations were captured, enslaved and weakened politically and militarily. For the last 300 years, where ever in the Muslim world there were resistance movements, Muslims were defeated. The need of these resistance movements arose because of the demise of the Ummah as a whole. Only a few valiant, brave men like Tipu Sultan or Siraj-ud-Dola returned those debts which were not even due on them. Because of the collective faults of the Ummah, they had to bear the brunt of the downfall of the Muslims. They had the option to live for 100 years the life of a jackal but these men of Allah preferred the life of a lion even if it was for one day. They lived like lions and due to their valour, succeeded in this world and the next. But their martyrdoms were not able to change the fate of Muslim Ummah because it had been destined that the Ummah would suffer for a while. The punishment of the collective faults of the Ummah was great indeed.
In the beginning of the 20th Century, a glad tiding was given to the Muslim Ummah that now the rise of Ummah was near. The biggest symbol of those good tidings was the creation of Pakistan. Great gifts were sent by Allah in the form of Allama Iqbal and Quaid-e-Azam. The coming in being of Pakistan was symbolic of the fact that the rise of Ummah had started. No one could have imagined it in their wildest dreams that an Islamic ideological state would be created which would be in the direct supervision of our Holy Prophet [sm]. We want to repeat these blessed tidings again and again because this is a big spiritual endorsement for us. Quaid-e-Azam, who was called all sorts of things by his opponents, is reported to have said before his death, ‘I strongly believe that this Pakistan would not have been created if it was not due to the express blessings of our Holy prophet [sm].’ Pakistan is not only under the protection of Allah [saya khuda-e-Zuljalal] but also under the blessings of the Prophet [sm], [faizan-e-Nabwi].

Pakistan was made under the supervision of Prophet [sm] himself. The grandson of Khan of Qallaat said it on national TV that his predecessors did not want to be a part of Pakistan but the Prophet [sm] came in his grandfather’s dream and ordered him to join Pakistan and not to betray Pakistan. Some Aalims opposed Quaid-e-Azam and Pakistan movement at that time, but few lucky ones had ziyarat of the Prophet [sm] who told them to stop opposing Pakistan movement. They repented and joined hands with Quaid-e-Azam. But those who were not destined for this blessing, they remained cursed even after the guidance from the Prophet [sm]. MashaAllah, this Pak Sarzameen is the greatest signal for the rise of this Ummah.
We were punished in 1971 because we had forgotten the promise that we had made to Allah. After the war of 1971, the world was thinking that survival for even West Pakistan would be challenging. But they were wrong.
In 1979, Soviet Union invaded Afghanistan and the condition of Pakistanis can be well imagined at that time. Policy makers, analysts, journalists, and the leaders were horrified that Soviet Union had entered their territories. For hundred of years it had been trampling Muslim territories and they were afraid that the Soviets would go up to Gwader crushing Pakistan. So they believed it was impossible to fight Russia. If we check the history, we see that Soviet Union had been destroying all of them: Tataristan, Samarqand, Tajikistan, Uzbekistan, Bukhara. In 1979, Soviet Union invaded Afghanistan, neighbour to recently truncated Pakistan. At that time the Afghan Muslims started a resistance movement. Iqbal had said
فطرت کے مقاصد کی کرتا ہے نگہبانی
یا بندہِ صحرائی یا مردِ کوہستانی
[Only two kinds of men can work for God in a proper way; men who live in the deserts and those who live on the Mountains.]

So the men of the mountains [Mard-e-Kohistani] at that time decided to make sacrifices come what may. And I will say it loud and clear that Allah did a favour to us by sending a leader like General Zia at that time; a man who decided that we had to fight Russia. We were not even a Nuclear power at that time. We had nothing but we fought a Super power, the Soviet Union. General Zia dealt with the World through diplomacy and buried Russia in Afghanistan. In this way, a extended Jihad started. After 300 years, for the first time in Muslim Ummah, a resistance movement was successful. This is the exceptional thing about Afghan jihad. In 1988, when Soviet Union left Afghanistan, it collapsed and became Russia, which in turn resulted in the freedom of 200 million Muslims of Central Asia. Soviet Union’s hegemony over the world had ended. Muslim movements then left Afghanistan and entered Central Asia; that Central Asia where there had been no Azaans in the mosques for the last 70 years. Today there are tens of thousands of mosques built in those regions. Our Turk brothers took advantage of that and built mosques all over the Central Asia. The Afghan Muslims started entering these regions and a reverse invasion started. The military invaded from the Russian side but the Islamic and spiritual ideologies entered from the Afghan side.
Just look at the impact of Afghan jihad on the Muslim world. The jihad of Kashmir started in 1988. Mujahideen who were trained in Afghan jihad, came back and fought in Kashmir. Also the Palestinian Intifada started in 1988. All those Mujahideen stood up against Israel who got trained in Afghanistan. Again, in 1988, those Chechen Mujahideen also revolted who had participated in Afghan jihad. The jihad in Checheniya, which is the longest jihad in the world, got a new life . The Chechens have been doing jihad since 1780, starting from Imam Mansoor, then Sheikh Abdullah Daghistani, followed by Imam Shamil and still going on. Even after almost 200 years, they have not surrendered. Afghan jihad gave them new blood and the movement for freedom became active again. All Islamic resistance movements in the world activated, from Indonesia, Philippines to Algeria, North Africa, especially in the areas where the enemy had occupied, like Israel, India and Checheniya.
The Afghan jihad is dismissed by saying that it brought Kalashnikov culture and drugs and it spread anarchy in the country. What are the facts? What is the role of Afghan jihad in the renaissance of Ummah of Prophet [sm]? The jihad turned into mayhem only because of the incompetence of leaders and oversight by Pakistan. All of this was shown by Allah to a young man of 22 who entered Afghanistan as a young man and within seven years he had reached a point where he was acting as a channel between Afghan Mujahideen and the government of Pakistan. So whatever happened in Afghanistan, I am an eye witness to it all. Why did Allah preserve all of this great part of history? Because after 10 years, in 2001, once again the jihad started in Afghanistan, this time with the American forces. This second time, our leaders were shameless and unscrupulous. In 1979, it was decided that the invaders will be stopped. But in 2001, the leaders gave access and invitation to the enemies to do exactly what the Soviets had wanted to do with Afghanistan. The cost of the mistakes of the last 10 years is this, that now the whole Pakistan has become a battlefield. 100,000 Pakistanis have been killed. The plan to dismember Pakistan on the style of Yugoslavia is in action. Despite the fact that Pakistan did not aid the Afghan Mujahideen, today America is exactly in that state in Afghanistan in which Russia was before signing the Geneva Accord. This is all due to the blessings of Allah. That is why they are having Bonn Conference, which is a Geneva Accord of today, where talks are being held on how to give America way to get out of Afghanistan. We have to learn from our lapses in 1990s. General Zia was martyred so that the Afghan jihad could be terminated and would not reach its logical conclusion. The leader of Arab Mujahideen, Dr. Abdullah was also martyred and the government in Pakistan changed. All the corruptible and purchasable people were in power at that time. 90s was a corrupt era; the governments kept on changing on charges of corruption and lack of governance and management. Who would have thought of making an Afghan policy at such a time? As a result, after ten years we witnessed another Afghan invasion.
Today we are in a position where the leadership of Pakistan is again given a chance to decide whether to keep America or remove it. Now we don’t have to repeat the mistakes we did after the Soviets left Afghanistan. That is why there was an urgency to bring forth this book as quickly as possible. It is a well-known saying, ‘that slap should be on your own face which you remember after the fight’. These are the blows with which we can hit the enemies now.
What was the importance of Afghan jihad? A new history was written there. In the coming times, how much will the Pakistani nation be responsible for the mistakes that were committed? Today, we have to do penance for those blunders. The war that has been waged on us today is a result of the mistakes of our predecessors. If today we do not mend our ways regarding Afghanistan, our future generations will curse us for the tribulations they will inherit from us. This couplet of Iqbal forms the basis for the geopolitics of the world:
آسیا یک پیکر آب و گل است
ملت افغان در آن پیکر دل است
از فساد او فساد آسیا
از کشاد او کشاد آسیا

Asia is a name of a body of land,
Of which the Afghan nation forms the heart.
Its decline is the decline of Asia; its rise is the rise of Asia.
From this it is clear that if there is anarchy and chaos in Afghanistan, then there will be anarchy and chaos in whole of Asia. Today people tell us not to worry about Afghanistan and just take care of Pakistan, which is reverse of the logic given by Allama Iqbal. We should know that Pakistan’s stability depends upon Afghanistan’s stability.
Today whatever pandemonium we seen in Pakistan is due to Indians and CIA in Afghanistan. Enemy’s jugular passes through Pakistan and today when we have got hold of that jugular and have stopped their supplies, what has America been able to do in retaliation? What can they do to Pakistan? They are dying in Afghanistan and cannot do anything about it. Their economy at home has collapsed. Soviet Union did not get the biggest defeat in the battlefield, but they suffered so much losses due to war that they were unable to sustain themselves. Same is happening to America now. By stopping the supply lines, Pakistan has multiplied their losses.
So this is not just a book. This is a geopolitical advice for the coming times shown to you in the mirror of the past, so that we may not repeat the miscalculations by our elders. If you will not listen to this advice today, then this war will enter our homes in the coming days. I acknowledge the fact that it was not in my power to write this book without the blessing of Allah [swt]. I did not write it; Allah made me write it. The means that were provided by Allah and the team that I was blessed with made the publication of this book possible. Nobody in our team had prior experience of editing or publishing a book, and still people are tremendously impressed by the professional look and feel of the book.
Why I did not write this book in 1992? Now I understand the secrets of Allah. I started writing it 20 years ago but why did it take so long to finish it? Because there is a time for everything. If I had written it 20 years ago, then America would not have been in Afghanistan at that time. That lesson and advices would have been lost which we desperately need today. At that time it would have been just another tale and not a counsel. Allah had ordained this time. For 20 years, I was prepared through experiences that have now become the part of this book. In the Muslim Ummah, in fact, in the whole world, there is not a single book on Afghan jihad like this one. Thousands of pictures captured in the Afghan jihad had been with us for the last 25 years. During this time, we also shifted a lot, so only Allah knows how they survived up till now. These are rare pictures and have never been published before anywhere in the world. Then, some pages from our diaries and all related records were retrieved in the last couple of months miraculously. It was obvious that we had extra-ordinary Divine help at hand. Alhamdolillah, Allah has given a loyal and loving team to us who worked for the sake of Allah and only He can repay their efforts. Their contribution for the Ummah is great indeed. Men depart but this Sadqa jariya will remain.
This is history which has not been told before. Wise men say that ‘the nations who do not learn from their history have their geography altered’. Today, Pakistan’s ideological and spiritual inheritance is in danger. It is necessary for the leadership to learn from their past mistakes so that the coming generations pray for them and not curse them the way we curse our present leadership. We believe that Allah will accept this effort and that He will make it a source of blessing and remove from it all that is flawed. He will overlook our faults and forgive us our mistakes. Oh Allah accept this humble gift which we present to our Aaqa [sm]. Make it a a source of benediction for the Ummat-e-Rasool [sm]. Take out from it anything that is faulty. Bestow your acceptance on it so that the coming generations can attain that pinnacle that you have promised to this Ummah. May Allah be the Protector of Pakistan and of Ummat-e-Rasool [sm]. May Allah give you all jaza-e-khair [best reward] and may He accept us in that group of people which is supportive of Allah’s Deen. JazakAllah Khair. Allahuma Salay Ala Mohammad wa Aalay Mohammad wa barik wasalim.

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