Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Jpeg version of the last page of the petition

This is the Jpeg version of the last page of the petition. you can take a printout and then make copies for your friends and families. get them to fill all the details. Then you can either scan them and e-mal them to or send them via tcs or registered post. whatever is easier for you. But do it quickly and spread the copies far and wide. We have given our address already in post below for e-mal and surface post. We hope there is no confusion now. Jazak Allah.. BT Team

Time to join the battle

Dear Team, members and soldiers. Time to join the battle.

Print out this petition, sign it and send it urgently via TCS or urgent mail to our office at:

Use e-mail. scan and send.

House 686, Ammar Shaheed Road
Chaklala Scheme 3, Rawalpindi
Ph: 051-5598046,7

We need 100,000 people to make a solid petition to the CJ. Let’s get your family, friends and the countrymen to join the battle. The society is now going to erupt against these Zionist traitors, InshAllah. Overseas Pakistanis must join as well.

Do it now.
Syed Zaid Zaman Hamid 

Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Zaid Hamid vs SAFMA court hearing

After the hearing, we addressed the youth present there. The entire sessions court, lawyers and even the enemies heard our jalali azaan! The battle has begun Alhamdolillah and we will drag them to hell InshAllah! SAFMA and its Indian touts will curse the day they were born!

Saturday, February 25, 2012

SAFMA's role in Pakistan identified !

 Syed Zaid Zaman Hamid [Official] 
Do you know that SAFMA snake Najam Sethi was part of insurgency war against Pakistan in the 70's in Baluchistan on behalf of Indians and Soviets? He has actually killed Pak army soldiers in ambushes and atatcks. The snake lives on to attack and harm this Pak Sarzameen becoming an ideological terrorist. In these few minutes, you will see Mubashar Luqman telling you the story. Many journalists and anchors have now come forwards with proof against SAFMA and their gang and now all evidence will be presented in court InshAllah.

Attention Please!

Please post this notice on your FB's and circulate this in your contacts. This is information war and enemies are using deceptions, lies, propaganda and fake profiles to create confusions about our sacred mission and duty. Our battlefield is the cyber world and the airwaves and this is where we are counter attacking the enemies of Allah and Rasul Allah (sm). Do your duty and join the battle!

Friday, February 24, 2012

Pakistan: Zarb e Kaleem

We have worn our battle armour! We will either live with dignity or will die with honor! There is no turning back.......

Imtiaz Alam, Nusrat Javed, Marvi Sermed, Najam Sethi and their takfiri kharjee snake ahrafi... you have strated this war and now we will finish it for you, for good inshAllah. See you in court on 28th. May Allah's curse be upon you fo selling the honor of Sayyadi Rasul Allah (sm). Now it does not matter what is the outcome of this case... you have been exposed and now would live a low life of humiliation, insult and disgrace.... condemned to hell forever!

Thursday, February 23, 2012

Collapse of judiciary and government in fighting terrorism - Syed Zaid Zaman Hamid

The fact is simple. The Judiciary and the government have collapsed under the pressure of imposed war. Army is doing the fighting. They should make the rules...

'Agartala conspiracy case was not false'

For 40 years, Pakistan politicians denied the existence of Agartala conspiracy which broke Pakistan. Army and the ISI wanted to punish the traitors in 1968 but the politicians like Asghar Khan (today's PTI) Asma Jahangir's father, Bhutto, Nawabzada Narullah Khan, Wali Khan, Akbar Bugti and the likes of them supported the traitors and called the treason case a politically motivated drama.

Pakista...n broke because these politicians, in their deliberate hatred for the army and Pakistan, forced the army to take back the case, forced Ayub Khan to resign and then hold elections with these traitors winning in East Pakistan under the threat of Mukti Bahini. Then the civil war started.. and India invaded.

Today, all those who sided with Mujeeb ur Rehman are guilty of criminal treason against the state and Pakistan's ideology. Agartala was a reality. Now even the Bangladesh leaders acknowledge it. Now what should we do with those sided with the Indians back them and broke Pakistan. If they are not traitors, then who are they? 

Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Memo scandal and its repercussions - Syed Zaid Hamid

Our azaan on ARY today. The enemy is planning to annihilate us while the traitors continue to confuse the nation and Ummah! If the memo is not decided today, then expect a war upon Pakistan just as 1971. Traitors must be nailed.

One more point of interest. The father of Asma Jahagir was a close friend of the traitor Mujeeb ur Rehman of Agartala sazish. Now you know her reality! She even lied abo...ut the ISI that in 1968 ISI did not exist. According to the Wikipedia " The ISI was established as an independent intelligence agency in 1948 in order to strengthen the sharing of military intelligence between the three branches of Pakistan's armed forces in the aftermath of the Indo-Pakistani War of 1947". 

Americans have burnt Quran in Afghanistan.

 Syed Zaid Zaman Hamid [Official]

Americans have burnt Quran in Afghanistan. This what happens when you invite crusaders into your home to fight your own brothers. No one in Pak media is talking about this grave provocation of our faith and honor. Allah gave us the opportunity to give our azaan on RT today. This was our message to the world.

Tahir Ashrafi - SAFMA - French intelligence - RAW

Tahir Ashrafi, on one hand claim to defend Mujahideen but on the other hand his dirty links are not just with RAW backed SAFMA but also with UN and French intelligence and he has been serving their interests for ages.

Here we produce a confidential letter written by a UN officer just before the UN approved invasion of Afghanistan by the Zionists. Here, these UN Zionists are writing to Perzez Musharraf to send Tahir Ashrafi to Mullah Omar on the Bamiyan statue issues. This fasadi mullah was to plead the case of UN's french director, most probably to gather intelligence on Taliban before the US led invasion.

Today, he works for SAFMA and RAW gathering intelligence on Mujahideen in Pakistan. This letter by UN clearly shows how much the crusaders trust this snake. Now he has also become the champion of Khatm e Nubuwwat also. Astaghfurullah!

Balochistan Will Not Be Independen Country Says Baloch Nationlist Leader (Sardar Attaullah Mengal)

Sardar Attaullah Mengal has been a supporter of seperatist movement but he is a wise man and knows that it is imposible to achieve it and even if Baluchistan is broken away from Pakistan (naoozubillah), still it will become slave of Americans and Indians! He is a old dignifid Baluch Muslim who is now thinking rationally and wisely and the emotional, angry youth of BLA must listen to him and come back towards Pakistan.

This Pakistan is the future of Ummat e Rasul and all rights, izzat, ghairat and power to the Ummah will come through Pak Sarzameen, InshAllah. It is time that the seperatists listen to their own elders who have wisen up to the realities! There is NOT going to be any Baluchistan without Pakistan!!!!!

SAFMA is also launching all their pet terrorist assets.

Buzurg say that the worst "Ulama" are those who are standing at the doors of the rulers!!

SAFMA is also launching all their pet terrorist assets to build pressure against us from the Congressi pro-Indian mullahs. This Mullah is well fed as you can see :). Exploiting the name of Khatm e Nubuwwat, a gang of fasadi mullahs have also been mobilized by the snakes of SAFMA.

InshAllah, on the day of judgement, all these standing together in this pic will be raised together! Our message to SAFMA and their pet mullahs who work for Indian and French interests -- By Allah we wait for you now and will drag you to hell InshAllah! You are the enemies of Rasul Allah (sm) and now you cannot hide behind journalism or religion. We shall be posting more on this Mullah soon inshAllah on how he serves the interests of the biggest Dajjal -- the UN! For now, he is serving his other masters -- the SAFMA and RAW.

Tuesday, February 21, 2012

The reality of info war on Baluchistan‏.

The media and the politicians are going bonkers spreading lies and disinformation over Baluchistan. They tell you:

1. That Baluchistan has not been given its rights and the people of Baluchistan are fighting to get their rights.
2. They tell you that all Baluch are against Pakistan.
3. They tell you that FC and army is treating the Baluch like enemies.
... 4. They tell you that military did not do any development in Baluchistan.
5. They tell you that US and India is not supporting the rebellions in Baluchistan.
6. They tell you that US does not have any plans to attack and capture Baluchistan.
7. They tell you that Sardars are protecting the rights of the Baluch Muslims.
8. They tell you that army killed Nawab Akbar Bugti.

All these lies and deceptions are exposed in these 24 minutes, alhamdolillah. Listen to the proud Bugti Sardar Mir Ahmadan Bugti, the first cousin of Nawab Akbar Bugti tell you the truth about Akbar Bugti and his crimes against Bugti and Baluch Muslims. Also see the love of Marri tribals with Pak army!

It is your duty to share these video globally. The enemy is fully on the offensive. Join the fight to defend Pak sarzameen. 

Allah never gives Izzat and dignity to people who willingly accepts lies deceptions

 Syed Zaid Zaman Hamid [Official]
 Dear Children, Allah never gives Izzat and dignity to people who willingly accepts lies deceptions, treacherous and betrayals of the Ummah and then still remain silent. If we stay silent now, then Allah will abandon us to our fate of humiliation and insult. Allah is the friend of the brave, dignified and the ghairatmand.

By Allah, this faqeer will fight the enemies of Rasul Allah (sm) and Pak Sarzameen, even if he has to stand alone or they kill his family or destroy his wealth, children and rizq. We will NOT surrender InshAllah!

SAFMA -- Imtiaz Alam and his shaitani cult are snakes within the Ummat e Rasul (sm). If you let them get away from justice, then your sisters will be sold in bazaars of Hindu India. This is what they plan for you.

You cannot remain neutral here. Spread this message globally and join the first battles of Ghazwa e Hind. We shall make final announcement of the program for 28 Feb to let you know the time and place to reach. Lets show them that Muslims of Pakistan will not allow Imtiaz Alam and his snakes to hand over this Medina e Sani to Hindus. It is time to deal with them decisively, InshAllah.

Monday, February 20, 2012

Let us update you on Baluchistan

Dear Children, Let us update you on Baluchistan. Read this carefully and slowly.

Do NOT panic. InshAllah, Baluchistan is not going anywhere. The enemies and the traitors within cannot break away Baluchistan. There is a deliberate information war by the likes of SAFMA to create the hype to give this perception that Pakistan is breaking up. Stay firm and stay united. There is no power on earth which can undo Pakistan, InshAllah.

Baluchistan is 42 % of Pakistan territory. Its population is only 4% of Pakistan, about 8 million. Out of this, nearly 5 million are Pashtuns, Brahwis, Makranis, Punjabis and Sindhi Pakistani Muslims who have no problem at all. Within the Baluch Muslims Pakistanis, 90% are with Pakistan alhamdolillah. The separatists are just a few thousand misguided men from only 4 districts out of 28 districts of the province.

Hyberyar Marri, Brahmadagh Bugti and Attaullah Mengal are taking help from US and India to wage a war against Pakistan but the reality is even within Bugti and marri tribe, there are thousands of youth who are great patriot Muslims and love Pakistan.

Nawab Akbar Bugti had exiled his own tribe of Raheja, Kalpar and Messori sub-tribes into Multan and Dera Ghazi Khan for 15 years and had taken over their lands in Sui and Dera Bugti. He persecuted his own Baluch people and killed his own family members for demanding rights.

This is where Pakistan army intervened in 2004 to protect Baluch Bugti tribe from the crimes of Akbar Bugti in 2004 and helped the Kalpar, Messori and Raheja Bugtis to come back to their native lands. Upon this Akbar Bugti started a war against Pakistan and was then chased out into the hills where he committed suicide. Yes, Akbar Bugti committed suicide and he was NOT killed by the army.
Today, the MNA from dera Bugti is Mir Ahmadan Bugti, a patriotic Raheja Baluch, a first cousin of Akbar Bugti, who was exiled with over a hundred thousand Baluchs by Akbar Bugti. Army brought him back. He is the MNA and has been elected by the entire Bugti tribe and he defends Pakistan against terrorists of Brahmadagh Bugti. You hear the interviews of Brahmadagh in this SAFMA controlled media but you never hear the voice of Mir Ahmadan Bugti, the real patriotic Bugti Baluch Muslim and Pakistani! This is how media manipulates the truth. Go and ask Mir Ahmadan Bugti about the truth of Bugtis being against Pakistan and he will show you how proud Bugtis stand with Pakistan!

There is no government in Pakistan today, even in Islamabad and the country is in a state of war being invaded by enemies from all sides. If Pakistan army does not stop the TTP and the BLA terrorists, the country would be destroyed by now. That is why you see all the fake propaganda against the missing persons and army atrocities against the Baluch. In reality, FC and Pak army are defending Pakistan against Indian backed insurgencies where even the CIA is involved. There is a massive infighting between the BRA and BLA also where both groups are killing each other for weapons, money and turf. They kill each other and then blame army for the murders. Many have gone to Afghanistan for training and their families register them as missing persons. This is all part of the war against Pak army and the media is fuelling this war.

Americans want to take over Gawader. The recent resolution in US congress has encouraged the exiled separatists that they can use the CIA and India for a Libyan styled invasion. Never InshAllah! As long as Pakistan can block the NATO supplies, US do not have the resources and the weapons to make a landing at Gawader. If we release the supplies, then the Americans can make such a plan but even then, there will be fighting but Baluchistan can never be separated from Pakistan, InshAllah.

The situation in Baluchistan is NOT like of East Pakistan. The few thousand insurgents can blow up few pipelines and kills a few Muslims and soldiers but they can never break Pakistan which is under the shadow of Rasul Allah (sm).
Even today, from Governor to Chief Minister to ministers, all are Baluch in the government. The President of Pakistan is also a Baluch. Farooq Leghari was a Baluch also. Mazari was the prime Minister and was a Baluch also. Jamali was the PM and was a Baluch also. Baluchis Pakistanis Muslims from Baluchistan have reached the highest offices of this country. If Baluchistan have not received developments, they are responsible, not the army or the ISI. The whole country is suffering today not just Baluchistan.

The only way to end the suffering of the people is to bring the system of Khilafat e Rashida in the country and implement the Islamic system of social justice. The system of present day is Zalim, not the country. The solution is come under the shadow of Rasul Allah (sm) not to wage a war against Rasul Allah (sm), on whose orders this Pak Sarzameen was created.

We invite all Baluch youth to join hands with us in Takmeel e Pakistan to bring in the system of Khilafate Rashida so that all zulm can be eliminated and due rights can be shared within Muslims. But we will fight against all those who want to break the Pakistan of Rasul Allah (sm). By Allah, we will!

Now you know the truth. Spread it far and wide and do not fall for the propaganda of the enemies. InshAllah khair. This Pakistan is here to stay, alhamdolillah. Enemies can go to hell !

Quaid e Azam: From Jinnah to Pakistan (With English Subtitles)

Hear the original words of our beloved Quaid. He said it clearly that in Pakistan there will be no other "Ism" like secularism, communism, capitalism etc but only the Islamic socialism (social justice as envisioned in Islam, Quran and sunnah). Quaid rejected Secularism totally! He knew the word. He never ever used it in any of his speeches. In hundreds of speeches he made it clear that Pakistan wi...ll be the "bulwark" or fort of Islam. Also, hear his words on evils of provincialism and the importance of being a Musalman!

Also, remember, under the garb of secularism, India is a Hindu zionist country. The SAFMA snakes want to make Pakistan "secular" but in reality promote Hindu values, culture and ideology! Their lies will be exposed on all battle fronts - in media and in courts InshAllah! The battle has begun. SAFMA is guilty of treason according to constitution and Criminal procedure code of Pakisan. It is time to expsoe and punish these traitors who have waged an open war on Pakistan. We will deal with them first InshAllah!
See More

SAFMA and the likes of them are waging a massive war against Pak army and ISI


SAFMA and the likes of them are waging a massive war against Pak army and ISI. They are on an agenda to soften Pakistan for an invasion by the enemies from outside. Know your enemies. They have sold you already. We will make our stand against them, InshAllah, come what may. Khair inshAllah!

How A Few Pakistanis Conspire Against Pakistan Military And ISI
One day an idea is discussed on Twitter in Pakistan. Next day, an anti-military draft is released in Hong Kong, and another submitted to the Supreme Court in Islamabad.

SPECIAL REPORT | Friday | 23 December 2011

ISLAMABAD, Pakistan—Here is an interesting sequence of events that shows how Pakistan’s military and its main foreign intelligence-gathering agency, the ISI, are targeted from the inside by a group of Pakistanis conspiring against a vital pillar of the State.

One day, a group of Pakistanis linked to foreign embassies decides to launch a legal campaign to oust and prosecute the two generals that lead the army and the ISI.

The next day, a rights group based in Hong Kong issues a detailed slanderous paper full of lies and insinuations against our military, mirroring and endorsing biased and motivated propaganda coming from foreign countries. Of course, the Pakistani viewpoint is not reflected in the document.

On the same day, a case is filed in the Supreme Court demanding Army chief Gen. Kayani and ISI’s Lt. Gen. Pasha are tried for treason.

What is Kayani and Pasha’s crime? The two have overreached – in the eyes of the conspirators – in probing whether someone from Pakistan wrote a secret memo to the US government seeking support to mount a coup against the country’s military and intelligence leaderships, replacing them with US stooges.
As government’s probe flounders and suspicions arise of a possible cover-up, the two generals approach the Supreme Court to ensure such a probe happens.

What the generals did was legal and respectful of the law. After all, what spy agency in any country wouldn’t show interest in a conspiracy targeting the institution and involving a foreign government?


Probing possible internal breaches to national security is inherent to the job of ISI and should be backed by the government and the military. But for some reason this did not suit newspaper editor Beena Sarwar, TV producer Fifi Haroon, New America Foundation fellow Najam Sethi, and UN coordinator Marvi Sirmed.

There are indications that Farahnaz Isphahani, President Zardari’s media adviser and Husain Haqqani’s wife, is behind the idea of demanding the resignations of the two generals. But there is no evidence implicating her.
On 18 December, their timeline on Twitter [see the screen shot] goes something like this:

Beenasarwar: it gets curious and curiouser. Firs this Mansoorijaz pops out of the woodwork in USA, now this Shafqatullah in Canada #memogate
Fifiharoon: @beenasarwar you mean it gets more & more ridiculous! We should petition CJ to take suo moto notice of ISI as a threat to Pakistan
Najamsethi: @fifiharoon @beenasarwar What a good idea! We should draft an alternative petition signed by 100 prominent citizens & send it to CPJ ASAP
Marvisirmed: @najamsethi BTW, I have got around 20 citizens on it already. @fifiharoon @beenasarwar

Someone might say this is legal too and nothing wrong in it.

It looks like that. But wait. The conspiracy goes beyond Pakistan’s borders.
The very next day, 19 December, a draft is ready and released as promised by Mr. Sethi. But it comes out of Hong Kong, from the offices of an NGO called Asian Human Rights Commission. The AHRC is a private group dominated by Indian activists.

The group issues an Urgent Appeal.
Also on 19 December a petition is submitted in the Supreme Court in Islamabad against Pakistan Army and ISI chiefs demanding their resignations and trial for treason.


Ms. Beena Sarwar is a cheerleader for Indian supremacy over Pakistan. She endorses Indian political claims in disputes with Pakistan.

Mr. Sethi, along with his wife, work for a US think tank and are recent converts to the US government view on Pakistan and its future. Their daughter, Mira, landed a job at Wall Street Journal, a US paper that promotes anti-Pakistanism. Her first assignment … you guessed it right: attack Pakistan’s military.

Mrs. Marvi Sirmed works for the UN office in Pakistan. She’s been leading frontal attacks on Pakistan’s military and ISI in newspapers and TV appearances, endorsing every word about them coming from adversarial foreign governments. In a recent TV appearance, she ridiculed the entire premise behind Pakistan’s rise as an independent nation. Unfortunately, Pakistani laws do not incriminate anti-state speech. It is not clear if her opinions are endorsed by her employers.


The Indian-dominated rights group released on 19 December the draft that Sethi, Sarwar, Haroon and Sirmed conceived on the 18th.
Now look at how they twist facts and spread lies against Pakistan’s military institutions:

1. FIRST CLAIM: The AHRC decides in its document that Mansoor Ijaz “wrote” the secret memo, implicitly absolving Husain Haqqani from at least coauthoring the memo, if not authoring it outright. This case is being reviewed at the Supreme Court of Pakistan. AHRC unwittingly exposes its bias and political agenda in this one line.

2. SECOND CLAIM: The AHRC meddles in Pakistani politics by attacking the opposition leader Nawaz Sharif, the mover of the petition on the secret memo. AHRC says Sharif was “groomed as a politician during the period of the military dictator.” Of course, the founder of the incumbent ruling party that AHRC seeks to defend was also groomed under a military dictator. This is conveniently overlooked.

3. THIRD CLAIM: AHRC demands that the two generals resign and be put on trial in the same way that Husain Haqqani was forced to resign and stand trial. The comparison is incorrect because the evidence exists on conspiring against the State in Haqqani’s case. The accusation that the army and ISI chiefs are conspiring against an elected government is a conspiracy theory at best.

4. FOURTH CLAIM: AHRC fully endorses in its document the politically motivated US and Indian propaganda against ISI. It concludes its appeal with this sentence: “It is also alleged that the ISI is involved in bomb blasts and assassinations in neighboring countries and providing training to the Mujahideen.”

A couple of foreign governments are targeting Pakistan’s military and intelligence as a policy. The army and ISI chiefs are the preferred targets. Now this objective has been joined by a small group of Pakistanis that shares linkages to the foreign agenda in Pakistan.

Zaid Hamid: BAN SAFMA (purely RAW agents) in Islamic Republic of Pakistan !

We had told you few days ago that the final battle between soldiers of Rasul Allah (sm) and enemies of Rasul Allah (sm) has begun and there will not be any neutrals in this war. From the attacking Pakistan in 4th generation war, waging insurgencies, bringing in economic collapse and trying to dismember Baluchistan to attacking and destroying the sacred ideology of Pakistan, the enemies are active ...on all fronts with full force.

SAFMA is the information and propaganda arm of Hindu Zionists to dilute and destroy the Islam in Pakistan. Attacking the two nation theory, Objectives resolution, Islamic clauses of Constitution and the Islamic character of our beloved Pakistan is more lethal then launching suicide bombers and attacking physically. SAFMA are ideological terrorists!

By Allah, we will fight them in courts as they are the agents of Hindu Zionists. You have to take your sides. There are no neutrals now.

Imtiaz Alam... May Allah's curse be upon you. You have sold the honor of this Ummat e Marhoom. But Allah is watching snakes like you and He is all wise and all powerful and when He grips, He does with ferocious power!

Saturday, February 18, 2012

The battle begins with SAFMA !

SAFMA, the Indian backed Zionist snakes have filed a case against this Faqeer for calling them RAW agents and enemies of Pakistan and Rasul Allah (sm). The case has been fixed for 28 February in Sessions court Lahore. By Allah, we will be there to fight these snakes on all fronts. They will curse the day they were born.

Imtiaz Alam, Nusrat Javed, Khushnud Ali Khan, Hamid Mir, Najam Sethi, Marvi ...Sermed and the filthy likes of these snakes -- we are coming after you now in the court also. We exposed and destroyed you in Media, alhamdolillah and now we shall expose and destroy you in court also.

By Allah, we will chase you like we chase the Hindu Zionists. You are traitors to this Ummah, you have sold the honor of Rasul Allah and Pak Sarzamen and you have betrayed this Media e Sani! Expect no mercy from us now. We had ignored you initially but your own tough luck, you have provoked us now again. While we deal with your masters -- the CIA and RAW -- we shall also deal with you now, legally and constitutionally.

All those Muslims, patriots and soldiers of Pakistan who stand with Pakistan against these filthy snakes -- be there in the court on 28th and prove your love for Pakistan. You wanted to do something practical for Pak sarzameen, here is your chance. Expose SAFMA and their RAW links and their sinister campaign against Pak sarzameen. They have started this war. We will finish it for them, InshAllah. Pakistan Zindaabaad!

Wednesday, February 15, 2012

The man, The mission, The Passion

The man, The mission, The Passion -- a fairytale of adventures, romance, wars and love for one's ideology, faith, nation, country, people and above all Rasul Allah (sm). This is real Zaid Hamid. 

Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Baluchistan is Pakistan‏

Just as Pakistan was created under the direct spiritual guidance, control and faiz of Sayyadi Rasu Allah (sm), the province of Baluchistan was also made part of Pakistan under the direct orders of Sayyadi Rasul Allah (sm). Allahu Akbar!

Anyone trying to break Baluchistan away from Pakistan is directly fighting against Rasul Allah and will be destroyed InshAllah! We Muslims of Pakistan will make s...ure of this.

To our brothers in Baluchistan -- do not betray your Rasul Allah (sm) and do no side with the Indian and CIA backed terrorists. Be the soldiers of Rasul Allah and defend Pakistan and Baluchistan just as brave Muslim Pashtuns have defended the honor of Pakistan and Sabz Hilali parcham against TTP Kharjis. We are one millat, under the banner of Rasul Allah (sm). By Allah, we will never betray our Sayyadi (sm)!

While in the compnay of brothers take your choice -- Difficult or Fatal ?

Went to visit our Mohsins in the army graveyard in Pindi. Our finest sons MashAllah! The afternoon sun was paying its last respects to these noble souls for the day and the air was heavy and the environment so intense that it shook my soul. This is the most beautiful and serene place in entire Pindi -- in the company of the Shuhada e Ummat e Rasul (sm).

There are times when the nations have to chose between taking the difficult path or the fatal path. Great nations chose the difficult path while those destined for destruction take the path of least resistance and perish as a civilization.

When it was told to our elders that making Pakistan would be an extremely difficult project, they replied that not taking the difficult path would mean taking the fatal path. We had only two choices back then -- Make Pakistan or perish under Hindu Zionists. Making Pakistan was indeed difficult. We gave 5 million shuhada and over 10 million were dislocated from their homes, the biggest human migration and the bloodiest slaughter of humans in human history. But it was worth it. The alternate would be total annihilation of our faith, dignity, honor, language, culture and civilization. Our great leaders took the difficult decision but saved us from fatal course.

In 1979, we again had two choices. It was difficult to fight and push the Soviet Union out of Afghanistan but the alternate was the fatal option of leaving the Soviets in Afghanistan which would have meant future generations of Pakistan would become slaves just as Muslims of central Asia and Afghanistan had become. Over a million died, 5 million left their homes but Muslims of Afghanistan and Pakistan staood united to take the difficult course and prevented a fatal annihilation.

Today, we are again confronted with 2 options. One is difficult. Other is fatal!

Either we remove this corrupt government, bring in patriotic government, clean up the country of all traitors and terrorists and eject the US/NATO from Afghanistan or we sit back, wait and let the war come to us for a bitter end. First option is difficult, would demand sacrifices and great hardships but the second option is fatal.

The war is upon us. We have given finest of our sons -- From Generals to Jawans to ordinary innocent, men, women and children - almost a 100,000 dead and wounded already.

It is said that to be enemy of US is dangerous but to be its friend is fatal! Who would know better than us?

When I see our leaders, media, Ulama, political parties and so called thinkers avoiding the difficult path and taking the path of least resistance, I feel that we have betrayed our sons and brothers like those who rest here.

It is so difficult not to cry in the company of such band of brothers!

Visit them. You will feel the impact!

Halqa-e-Yaran - MP3 Full program

Sunday, February 12, 2012

There is no third option now!‏

Syed Zaid Zaman Hamid 
Allah does NOT give guidance to or accept tauba from those who are deliberately acting deaf, dumb and blind to the Haq! The time has come for us all to take our sides decisively. Either you are on the side of Rasul Allah (sm) or on the side of Dajjal. There is no third option.

Democracy, Dictatorship, Kingship, socialism, capitalism, communism, UN -- are all systems of Kufr, Dajjal and shaitan. If you are part of this system willingly and through deliberate choice, you are part of them. There is no khair in this system, even if you have thousand elections or hundreds dictators or a King if they use the systems of Dajjal in economic, judiciary and politics. We have seen enough of this demon-cracy and secular dictatorships which serve Dajjal only. There is only humiliation and disgrace in following them.

System of Khilafat e Rashida based on Quran and Sunnah as supreme law, Ummat e Rasul as one body, Economic system based on real wealth and Bait ul Maal, selection of the Mutaqqin as leaders and a divine system of justice and adal is what will bring khair, peace and security.

Despite all our weaknesses, sins and faults we are still the Ummah of Rasul Allah (sm) and love our Sayyadi and Murshidi (sm). Pak sarzameen is Medina e Sani and Allah has written a great destiny for us waiting to be blessed if we rise to the challenge with dignity. Allah will forgive our sins and give us the izzat if we still do tauba and revert back to our deen and stop seeking glory in systems of demon-cracy, capitalism and banking system.

Now we have only following steps to follow. Anything else is zillat and ruswai.

1. Collective Tauba and rejection of systems of Kufr within our hearts and souls.

2. Defence of Pak Sarzameen alongside our armed forces and Muslim patriots.

3. Removal of this regime and bringing in selfless, patriotic and dignified leaders through direct selection NOT elections.

4. Cleaning the country of all filth, corruption, terrorism and prejudices which divide the millat on ethnic, provincial and sectarian lines of Jahilia.

5. Revive the Adab and Ishq e Rasul (sm), ideology of Pakistan, Iqbal and love for Pak Sarzameen and rejection of everything Hindu and which is diluting our Islamic ideology and Pakistani identity.

6. Create the system of Khilafat e Rashida in Pak sarzameen.

7. Prepare for Ghazwa e Hind.

8. Prepare for United States of Islam.

We will live with dignity trying to achieve these objectives or we will die with honor in the process. We will NOT replace Kufr with more Kufr just to vent our frustration.

These are sacred missions and would demand Sabr, sacrifice and intense spiritual connection with Sayyadi Rasul Allah (sm) our Supreme Commander. It is a long journey and only the purest will pass the tests of fire and sword.

May Allah and His Rasul (sm) accept us in His way. We will NOT accept Kufr now. Not at all, not at any cost, InshAllah.

Oh Allah, Be our witness that we have conveyed the message and chosen the path of our beloved Sayyadi Rasul Allah (sm). Oh Allah, be our protector, our wakeel, our guardian. HasbunAllah Naimal Wakeel, Naimal maula wa Naiman Naseer!

US is now preparing grounds

Syed Zaid Zaman Hamid 
US is now preparing grounds to slap sanctions on Pak mil units in Baluchistan, first steps towards creating an environment for benghazi styld landing at Gawader to cut a land coridor to afghanistan. Amnesty international and HRW have already testified against pak army and intel agencies in US senate body. These are the exact replica of what is being done in syria now and done in libya before. pak political parties & media is either too naive or too compromisd to see this fatal encirclment! Entire media is blasting army against 'HR' violations but every1 is silent over slaughter of FC& settlers daily!

Thursday, February 9, 2012

US planning to intervene -- creating the environment‏

Syed Zaid Zaman Hamid 
Let us tell you clearly once again! US is now planning to physically intervene and invade Baluchistan to wage the last phase of Af-Pak in exactly the same way they did with Libya and now doing with Syria. Under the facade of Human rights violations, they invaded Libya and killed hundreds of thousands of Libyan Muslims. Now they plan to attack and capture Gawader to cut a land route to Afghanistan. All the CIA and RAW assets are now fully on the offensive in Baluchistan with US government's backing.

Pakistani government and judiciary is compromised. Media is sold out. Politicians are Mir Jaffar ad Mir Sadeq. If it is not for the mercy of Allah (swt) through Pak army, US and India would have already made a Yugoslavia or Iraq or Libya out of us. Now their entire media and diplomatic as well as military pressure is against the Pak army and the ISI.

DO NOT be fools to believe what the Zionist media and corrupt politicians tell you. There are plans to auction your honor and faith and if you still do not learn, then retribution would be all encompassing and without mercy.

InshAllah, as long as youth and the nation stand with Pak army and ISI, these sinister games cannot succeed. By Allah, we will do our duty and defend Pak sarzameen and our armed forces against all enemies of Rasul Allah (sm).

Predictions of Naimatullah Shah Wali MP3 Audio Complete Program

Predictions of Naimatullah Shah Wali MP3 Audio Complete Program

Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Zaid Hamid Massege to chief justice G.Kiyani & G.Pasha Re-Edit

Today, Pakistan is sorrounded by enemies and being betrayed by the traitors. This is our message to the ptriots and warning to the enemies. Spread this azaan globally and to those who have th responsibility of defending this Medina e Sani today. These 23 minutes would chnage the way you looked at the crisis around us. InshAllah Khair for Pak Sarzameen and Ummat e Rasul (sm)

Saturday, February 4, 2012

Few days before we lost East Pakistan in 1971.

Syed Zaid Zaman Hamid 
Few days before we lost East Pakistan in 1971.

Just listen to this snake just before they attacked in East Pakistan. The words are of aman ki asha, preparations of war in advanced stages and still she pretends as if India has no war plans. See how she lies, deceives and betrays. The propaganda war against Pakistan army was launched in advance of their physical war. This is typical, classical Hindu Zionists as they operate today as well.

If we do not learn today from the war being against Pakistan, then be ready for the repeat of what happened in 1971. All elements are put in place by the enemies and Pak army is well and truly surrounded.

The media, judiciary, politicians and the insurgents are all attacking Pakistan army before the final invasion under Af-Pak and Cold Start. We know the traitors today and by Allah, we will eliminate each and everyone of them if Pakistan comes under attack due to their treason. They have time for tauba now. Tomorrow, they will hang on poles or die in ditches, InshAllah. Allah is in Jalal now. 

EVERYONE NEEDS TO SEE THIS.. Be sure to NOTICE how Threatening they are to YOU!!!

Syed Zaid Zaman Hamid 
Pak army and ISI must watch this carefully. How the information, media and political war was orchestrated before the launch of a physical attack on Libya. Remember the 362 target list mentioned by Hussain Haqqani ?. If the Memo is ignored today, the Indus would run red tomorrow, Allah forbid. The plan to attack Pakistan is in place. TTP, BLA, MQM, ANP and Zardari gangs are creating havoc within the country. Judiciary is corrupt, media is sold out. Army is alone and isolated fighting a desperate war within the borders, attacked by the politicians, media and the judiciary alike as well as the terrorists and NATO on ground.

The regime of the traitors must go. Elections must be delayed. NATO supplies must be seized and a patriotic caretaker under emergency laws must stabilize Pakistan ruthlessly. If army does not stabilize Pakistan today, then tomorrow, this will happen to Pak Sarzameen and then there will be no time for tauba.

Those demanding elections, protecting the traitors, attacking the army and the ISI today are pushing Pakistan towards this tragedy! Today it has happened to Muslims of Iraq, Afghanistan, Libya and Yemen. It is now happening to Muslims of Bahrain, Syria and Egypt. They plan to come for Pakistan and Iran.

Prepare yourself and support your army to remove the traitors from the Medina e Sani, else see the fate of your brothers and sisters in the Ummah! Time for tauba is now. 

Friday, February 3, 2012

True story of 11 so called "Missing Persons"

We found this very interesting video and wanted to share it with you. It is NOT made by BrasTacks or our volunteers.

In the last 11 years, despite over a 100,000 Pakistanis killed and wounded in a massive war against the state, army and the ISI, the judicial system of the country has NOT convicted a single terrorist!! The entire judicial system has collapsed.

The terrorists terrorize the judic...iary, media and the Police and get away every time! Isn’t this incredible that despite thousands of red handed arrests and irrefutable evidence, the terrorists always get away. Then the media and the courts start a massive campaign against the army.

The terrorists not just manage to blackmail and threaten the judicial system and disappear but also plot to put the blame for “missing” persons on the army and the ISI. This is how they do it. Watch the story of the 11 “missing” terrorists! media and politicians are now raising hell over “extra judicial” killing of these terrorists.

The united states of Islam‏

Syed Zaid Zaman Hamid 
For years, alhamdolillah, we have given the azaan of United States of Islam. When we raised this azaan, the secular liberals tried to make fun of us.

Alhamdolillah, today, even their most staunch mouthpiece The News published this idea written by someone who has obviously listened to us closely and now seem convinced of the written destiny, InshAllah!.

Now what would be the secular liberals say :) ?. Alhamdolillah, both friends and enemies are listening to us closely and know that we say is the manifest destiny InshAllah! Just wait, they will write about Khilafat e Rashida and Ghazwa e Hnd also, InshAllah :)


Afghanistan, Pakistan, Iran, and Turkey “Union of Muslim States”
The News, Dr Muzaffar Iqbal, Friday, February 03, 2012

Imagine a union of Muslim states, initially, consisting of 372 million people living in four congruent states of Afghanistan, Pakistan, Iran, and Turkey, comprising a total area of 3,881,195 square km. Such a confederation will be able to withstand any economic, political, and military aggression coming from anywhere in the world because of a certain common domain in their religious and cultural composition as well as due to the human and material resources of the lands comprising the confederation.

When contrasted with European Union’s 502 million people living in 27 different states with diverse cultures, in a total area of 4,423,147 square km, the Union of Muslim States (UMS) will be a formidable confederation even in its initial conception, consisting of only four states. Once other states join this initial confederation, the entire Muslim world could suddenly become a global power of immense strength.

This is neither a utopian idea nor a hypothetical conception; such a union is the manifest destiny of the Muslims, even though they are hopelessly fragmented into fifty-seven states at the moment. It is a destiny that is waiting to be realised. It has powerful historical support, its future prospects are bright and its rationale is built upon solid logic and clearly delineated arguments.

Before its brutal breakup by the departing colonisers around the middle of the twentieth century, at least 80 percent of the land historically held by the Muslims was geographically congruent, politically cohesive and economically linked. Until 1914, a very large percentage of Muslims lived in a handful of states: the Ottoman Empire (1299-1923) consisted of approximately 1,800,000 sq. km in 1914 and covered the largest belt of the Muslim population; in addition, there were very large Muslim populations in the Mughal Empire (1526-1857) in the Indian subcontinent, Iran, and the Malay Archipelago, the last consisting of some 30,000 islands.

Almost all of the Middle East was part of a single administrative unit under the Ottoman rule. The breakup of the Muslim world into fifty-seven independent states, mostly held hostage by mutually antagonistic, self-serving dictators, is perhaps the greatest tragedy that has fallen upon the Muslim community in its post-Mongol history. This breakup all but destroyed the possibility of a future coming together of the Muslims in some kind of reconfiguration in which politically and administrative independent units come together under an umbrella organisation which decides strategic options of military and economic nature.

The proposed UMS is practically feasible, politically desirable, and economically viable. This union will hold almost 75 percent of the world’s oil resources; it will be rich in gas, coal, heavy metals, and, most of all, in human resources. It will have an economic zone which will be able to negotiate conditions of trade with the rest of the world with a positive and advantageous leverage. It would more or less eliminate the West’s dominance in the military and political realms and it will wipe out the multi-billion dollar arms industry from the western world. Most of all, it will create an unprecedented social revolution in the Muslim world.

Imagine a high-speed train, leaving Lahore with goods and passengers and arriving in Istanbul within 24 hours. The existing high speed trains, running at 300 km/hr can easily cover this distance of 4150 km in this time. Imagine the economic and political benefits of such a train. Imagine the social revolution that will emerge through mingling of people of these countries on a daily basis. Imagine the economic potential of such a train!

One may wonder: If this is really such a revolutionary idea, then what is stopping this train to run between Lahore and Istanbul on a daily basis? The immediate answer will be: The lack of political will of the countries involved. But, one must look for a deeper answer.

Such a high-speed train is not running between these ancient and historic cities because the possibility of such a train was wiped out by the architects of our contemporary world in 1924. History, however, is not the arbitrator of the future; future is determined by forces which are certainly rooted in history, but which transcend it at the same time. After all, the European Union has emerged from the massive rubble of the two world wars in which European nations slaughtered each other’s citizens and the emergence of Eastern Europe from behind the iron curtain is a more recent event.

There is, therefore, every reason for Muslims to emerge from the shadow of their history and from the darkness looming out of their colonial past; after all, they are not under direct colonial rule anymore. Pakistan is currently devoid of any independent government and Afghanistan is under direct American occupation, but there is no reason why Turkey and Iran cannot initiate this project.

It is, however, not the high-speed train that needs to be initiated; it is the process of establishment of the Union of Muslim States which needs a beginning. Such a beginning is currently possible both in Tehran and Istanbul. Both places are conducive to the establishment of a secretariat and both have potential for taking a lead in the making of a new future for the Muslim world.

Of course, a great deal needs to be discussed before any practical steps are taken toward this new beginning, but traditional wisdom tells us that there is always a first step in every journey and once that step has been taken, the distance is already shorter than it was before such a step.

An initial gathering of Muslim intellectuals, religious leaders, and those who are active in the political, economic, and social realms in a serene location in any of these two countries may be the first optimum step toward this new future.

This gathering can then form working committees for drafting principles of the proposed union. This can then lead to first practical steps, which should concentrate on economically beneficial processes so that people can themselves experience the fruits of such a union. The process needs to be governed by those who are dedicated to the ideals of Islam and whose visions are not curtained within narrow limits of contemporary political realities, although they need to be realistically conscious of these realities, without in anyway collapsing under their weight.

Thursday, February 2, 2012

Ghazwa-e-Hindh Book - Umair Mahmood Siddiqui

The Inside Story - Syed Zaid Hamid's analysis of US report targetting ISI

You will note that a massive coordinated attack has been launched against Pakistan army and ISI in global media, Pakistani media, Pakistani politics and even in Supreme Court. Every snake is now attacking the army on ground and in the political, legal and information war theaters. Daily dozens of sildiers and officers are dying in Baluchistan and tribal... areas but the media, courts and the politicians still attack the army, doing exactly what the CIA and RAW wants them to do.

Our this program was to demolish the latest CIA report that Pakistan is supporting the Afghan Taliban. Alhamdolillah, you can see that after our blasting them, they actually said that their source is just few words from some people who may be Taliban :) bloody liars caught once again, alhamdolillah! 

Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Pakistan .. And the future of the U.S. presence in the region

Pakistan .. And the future of the U.S. presence in the region
Hosting the program "a modern day" in this episode Zaid Hamid, the head professor of the Center for Strategic Studies Prastaks and security, to tell us about the latest developments in Pakistan, particularly the conflict between the military and judicial institutions and civil.
Q - There is apparent conflict between the military and judicial institutions and civil.Where to turn the tide in Pakistan?
C - an analysis of the current situation I can say that Pakistan was passing through critical times in its history, particularly with regard to the issue of national security. Where this is shown by the apparent conflict between national institutions in Pakistan. The civilian government in charge of it penetrated the American Alastbartah devices that are trying to pay lip service to democracy and the protection of the term, but the essential aim of the destruction and dismantling of the Pakistani state as they do today in Iraq and the Middle East countries. They want to redraw the border in the Muslim world, including so-called Greater Middle East. Valaillsh government and create a crisis using the media war and the rebel movements and the various revolutions, all contribute to bring down the government without outside interference phenomenon. This is what they did in Libya, Iraq, Yemen and what they want to apply in Syria and also in Pakistan. The outline against Pakistan began exactly ten years ago and their goal is the rhythm of the military establishment as the only institution that defends the security of Pakistan today. The government led by Zardari and the People's Party that it has no famous memo requesting the use of the intervention of U.S. intelligence to dismantle the military.The destruction of the military will open the way for the control of the Pakistani nuclear arsenal. Valmzkrh is the largest taking place in a treason case against the Pakistan army and its institutions. Valjbhatt multiple front of the army, it is the civilians confront the traitors in the government on the other hand is trying to control separatist groups and terrorists who sneak across Afghanistan, not to mention the great penetration of the local media institutions that operate and market ideas and American Indian. And pay the intelligence apparatus and the American Indian hidden a lot of money to these institutions for the implementation of these schemes, the most important is the escalating criticism of the army under the pretext of protecting democracy. The army and became a bullet between the two wars, waged war intelligence came to the corners of the government, and the war field in the tribal areas to defeat the terrorist elements of the Pakistani Taliban.Here is the Supreme Court after the dependability of the army and relied upon in making a firm decision against the government in the cases of the note and the National Reconciliation Act give up the military and trying to prolong the chapter on these issues, but the ability of the seriousness of the situation. So there are two options in front of the army, either to intervene and impose martial law and hinder the work of all institutions, and takes things in his hand to bring stability or to take the Supreme Court of critical decisions in these cases and charged with treason for senior statesmen in the current government, but there is great fear to take the Supreme Court resolution, which may occur a state of chaos has raised the media against the court, the army and then may enter the country in clashes unprecedented between military and civilian institutions, judicial, and this may make Pakistan slip into a state of chaos and this is what you want and you want by external forces represented by the CIA American and Indian may find enlist in the armed movements such a complex scenario. All of these persistent attempts by these external forces help domestic institutions also reported to you by aiming to create chaos to target Pakistan's military intelligence establishment and the military-specific as a whole and then open the door fully to the United States in Pakistan to do what it pleases. I would like to emphasize that there is a war intelligence relentless spin between devices Pakistani side and American Indian and the other hand, the government expelled hundreds of CIA operatives and that was a military decision in origin, but the civilian government is trying to overcome the obstacles to the return of those customers again. So Pakistan is a very dangerous situation, surrounded on all sides. Americans in the west of the Afghan side, the Indians in the east. Americans are very unhappy about the decision to stop logistics for them in Afghanistan.
Q - Let's come to the subject of U.S. involvement in the political affairs of Pakistan. This date is known to U.S. intelligence and other intelligence agencies that cooperate with it.And there is a file and the file Baluchistan tribes. Says that the center is threatened with penetration, how do you see the regional strategic scenario in the light of what is happening in Afghanistan and in the light of Pakistan's decision to stop military supplies?
C - If you go back to the date of atheist th of September, when contributed to Musharraf's government to the implementation of the U.S. decision to invade Afghanistan and opened a road through Pakistani territory for the transit of supplies to Afghanistan, did not use the Americans the only supplies to fight from whom they called terrorists in Afghanistan from the Taliban, but They support and funding and arming separatist movements inside Pakistan and led by the Pakistani Taliban. Supported by the CIA and its agenda is to wage war against the Pakistani army to weaken, let alone intelligence support for so-called Baluchistan Liberation Army and other partisan groups such as the National Movement Party of migrants in the province of Sindh and the party grassroots Pashtun.
The decision to halt supplies to NATO forces did not come spontaneously, there are certain information to the army and reached the conclusion that these supplies, including weapons and ammunition sufficient to arm the entire army. There are roughly three thousand and five hundred armored vehicles, tanks, combat aircraft "any one M and one" and five artillery pieces and thousands of other container with ammunition and military equipment if Hsrtha enough for the invasion of a strong state. This shipment has raised fears and concerns of the Pakistani military. Why the U.S. needs to talk about withdrawing troops from Afghanistan with the Taliban and talk peacefully to all of these huge military arsenal? Pakistan has become one of the most Muslim countries at all because of its possession of nuclear weapons. I think that this weapon and we've got missiles deterrent able to reach India and Israel is the real objective of the external forces / because Pakistan is the backbone to ensure the security of the Islamic world and the Middle East, not Israel can implement their plans of domination and expansion in the Middle East with weapons of deterrence with a nuclear Islamic Pakistan as well as India can not also be expanding and controlled before the destruction of the Asia Pakistan. Profile Fathlili that there is a strategic triangle whose sides are in India, Israel and the American participants in the single goal of destroying the last stronghold of Pakistan's strong in the Muslim world. But unfortunately we are surrounded on all sides. This triangle surrounded Libya, Syria, Pakistan, surrounded want today. There is an internal war raging between Pakistani institutions, Americans and Indians are watching the situation closely and I see that the solution is either to impose martial law to prevent Pakistan from sliding into civil war, Vvalia Pakistan today, a country without head and without a government and we are lacking to the Government of the perfect control of the country or control the financial or legal or constitutional army does not want to intervene at this stage is trying to preserve the national institutions and civil.
 Q - perhaps the most important file of the Afghan files of interest to regional and international powers in this region, in addition to what is happening in Pakistan, but what is waiting for the future scenario for Afghanistan?
C - One thing is certain is that the fate of Americans will not depend on events that take place inside Afghanistan, but it will be decided by the countries of the region Valamdadat reach the U.S. via Pakistan and there is no desire by any country in the region to keep U.S. forces in Afghanistan, and if countries decided to the region such as Pakistan, Iran, China, Russia and Turkey that the U.S. is not leaving it to Washington, another option is to withdraw. We have lost the war in Afghanistan, they did not achieve any military progress there, why they are in dialogue with the Taliban? If they really victorious. The Bonn conference, held only in order to get the Americans on the international legitimacy of their stay in Afghanistan and they want to stay longer, but Pakistan refused to participate in the conference, which are subject to failure because it is not without Pakistan's future to the Americans in Afghanistan. The defeated Pakistan, the Soviet Union in Afghanistan and the Afghan Mujahedin fought, but world politics and foreign policy strategy has built everything, even the ISI and this frightens the Americans a lot now, if Pakistan is a hostile to them, Pakistan has the experience and capabilities, communications, resources and historical experience that will make the development of the United States such as the USSR and the reason that Pakistan halt NATO supplies for two months to reach Afghanistan. Pakistan ordered the Americans to evacuate the base of solar, and did so within two weeks. In any place in the world if U.S. deficit for the resistance they are alone with the rules and they can not resist the Pakistan. Pakistan has excellent relations with the Afghan Taliban are re-building its relations with the European Union and the northern Tajiks, Uzbeks, and Iran to stand by Pakistan. Iran and Turkey and China will support in any circumstances, Pakistan's foreign policy, and if Russia were brought as a collective strategy for the fate of Americans will be decided by us, not by the U.S. government or the Pentagon or NATO. This is the scenario could happen. But if allowed to supply the U.S. in Pakistan, this will send a cross have hope to continue the war in Afghanistan for at least another two years and will work to build their forces to crush the Taliban launched an attack on Pakistan. It is therefore important to decide the region's countries and Pakistan over the fate and future of Afghanistan by continuing to stop supplies and create a political environment in order to force Washington to withdraw the more the duration of the Americans in the region, the possibility of achieving security remains non-existent.
 Q - There are fears of a return to civil war in Afghanistan, immediately after the departure of U.S. forces from Afghanistan, given the racial and ethnic diversity?
C - this question is an interesting As you can see that the supporters of the U.S. presence raise their voice is always that there is a war going, and that if U.S. forces withdrew from Afghanistan, the civil war could grow, but the main point, is that the war is still raging, but this time with outside forces occupied, and even if there was civil war in Afghanistan, it did not affect whatsoever on the situation of neighboring countries such as Pakistan, Iran, China and others, but the U.S. presence destabilized the situation in the whole region, and the first work to be done is to get rid of this war imposed on Afghanistan and ending the presence of foreign forces and then it would be There is a possibility to start a new civil war. In fact, says that there is a war raging, and this means that we replace the real war, this war has achieved this possible scenario. As for the other scenario is if united Iran and Pakistan together and close to the Uzbeks, Tajiks and Turkey are close to Iran and Pakistan are close to the Pashtun why we say that there is a possibility to get a civil war in light of the Union of these States with each other? Even if I got a war between groups of Pashtuns, Tajiks or Hazaras, this war will remain a civil war, internal, when the civil war raging in Afghanistan Baltsainat there was no interference in which there were no threat to Pakistan or Iran, there were no suicide bombings in Pakistan or Movement rebellion in which Afghans have a habit of fighting among themselves and can not unite them, but do not have the wishes of the expansion are not considered a threat to neighboring countries. As for the Americans they have the goals of expansion and the date of the destruction and occupation of countries and this means that Americans are the biggest threat to the region and not civil war in Afghanistan