Thursday, February 23, 2012

'Agartala conspiracy case was not false'

For 40 years, Pakistan politicians denied the existence of Agartala conspiracy which broke Pakistan. Army and the ISI wanted to punish the traitors in 1968 but the politicians like Asghar Khan (today's PTI) Asma Jahangir's father, Bhutto, Nawabzada Narullah Khan, Wali Khan, Akbar Bugti and the likes of them supported the traitors and called the treason case a politically motivated drama.

Pakista...n broke because these politicians, in their deliberate hatred for the army and Pakistan, forced the army to take back the case, forced Ayub Khan to resign and then hold elections with these traitors winning in East Pakistan under the threat of Mukti Bahini. Then the civil war started.. and India invaded.

Today, all those who sided with Mujeeb ur Rehman are guilty of criminal treason against the state and Pakistan's ideology. Agartala was a reality. Now even the Bangladesh leaders acknowledge it. Now what should we do with those sided with the Indians back them and broke Pakistan. If they are not traitors, then who are they?