Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Baluchistan is Pakistan‏

Just as Pakistan was created under the direct spiritual guidance, control and faiz of Sayyadi Rasu Allah (sm), the province of Baluchistan was also made part of Pakistan under the direct orders of Sayyadi Rasul Allah (sm). Allahu Akbar!

Anyone trying to break Baluchistan away from Pakistan is directly fighting against Rasul Allah and will be destroyed InshAllah! We Muslims of Pakistan will make s...ure of this.

To our brothers in Baluchistan -- do not betray your Rasul Allah (sm) and do no side with the Indian and CIA backed terrorists. Be the soldiers of Rasul Allah and defend Pakistan and Baluchistan just as brave Muslim Pashtuns have defended the honor of Pakistan and Sabz Hilali parcham against TTP Kharjis. We are one millat, under the banner of Rasul Allah (sm). By Allah, we will never betray our Sayyadi (sm)!

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