Saturday, February 4, 2012

Few days before we lost East Pakistan in 1971.

Syed Zaid Zaman Hamid 
Few days before we lost East Pakistan in 1971.

Just listen to this snake just before they attacked in East Pakistan. The words are of aman ki asha, preparations of war in advanced stages and still she pretends as if India has no war plans. See how she lies, deceives and betrays. The propaganda war against Pakistan army was launched in advance of their physical war. This is typical, classical Hindu Zionists as they operate today as well.

If we do not learn today from the war being against Pakistan, then be ready for the repeat of what happened in 1971. All elements are put in place by the enemies and Pak army is well and truly surrounded.

The media, judiciary, politicians and the insurgents are all attacking Pakistan army before the final invasion under Af-Pak and Cold Start. We know the traitors today and by Allah, we will eliminate each and everyone of them if Pakistan comes under attack due to their treason. They have time for tauba now. Tomorrow, they will hang on poles or die in ditches, InshAllah. Allah is in Jalal now.