Thursday, February 2, 2012

The Inside Story - Syed Zaid Hamid's analysis of US report targetting ISI

You will note that a massive coordinated attack has been launched against Pakistan army and ISI in global media, Pakistani media, Pakistani politics and even in Supreme Court. Every snake is now attacking the army on ground and in the political, legal and information war theaters. Daily dozens of sildiers and officers are dying in Baluchistan and tribal... areas but the media, courts and the politicians still attack the army, doing exactly what the CIA and RAW wants them to do.

Our this program was to demolish the latest CIA report that Pakistan is supporting the Afghan Taliban. Alhamdolillah, you can see that after our blasting them, they actually said that their source is just few words from some people who may be Taliban :) bloody liars caught once again, alhamdolillah!