Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Pakistan .. And the future of the U.S. presence in the region

Pakistan .. And the future of the U.S. presence in the region
Hosting the program "a modern day" in this episode Zaid Hamid, the head professor of the Center for Strategic Studies Prastaks and security, to tell us about the latest developments in Pakistan, particularly the conflict between the military and judicial institutions and civil.
Q - There is apparent conflict between the military and judicial institutions and civil.Where to turn the tide in Pakistan?
C - an analysis of the current situation I can say that Pakistan was passing through critical times in its history, particularly with regard to the issue of national security. Where this is shown by the apparent conflict between national institutions in Pakistan. The civilian government in charge of it penetrated the American Alastbartah devices that are trying to pay lip service to democracy and the protection of the term, but the essential aim of the destruction and dismantling of the Pakistani state as they do today in Iraq and the Middle East countries. They want to redraw the border in the Muslim world, including so-called Greater Middle East. Valaillsh government and create a crisis using the media war and the rebel movements and the various revolutions, all contribute to bring down the government without outside interference phenomenon. This is what they did in Libya, Iraq, Yemen and what they want to apply in Syria and also in Pakistan. The outline against Pakistan began exactly ten years ago and their goal is the rhythm of the military establishment as the only institution that defends the security of Pakistan today. The government led by Zardari and the People's Party that it has no famous memo requesting the use of the intervention of U.S. intelligence to dismantle the military.The destruction of the military will open the way for the control of the Pakistani nuclear arsenal. Valmzkrh is the largest taking place in a treason case against the Pakistan army and its institutions. Valjbhatt multiple front of the army, it is the civilians confront the traitors in the government on the other hand is trying to control separatist groups and terrorists who sneak across Afghanistan, not to mention the great penetration of the local media institutions that operate and market ideas and American Indian. And pay the intelligence apparatus and the American Indian hidden a lot of money to these institutions for the implementation of these schemes, the most important is the escalating criticism of the army under the pretext of protecting democracy. The army and became a bullet between the two wars, waged war intelligence came to the corners of the government, and the war field in the tribal areas to defeat the terrorist elements of the Pakistani Taliban.Here is the Supreme Court after the dependability of the army and relied upon in making a firm decision against the government in the cases of the note and the National Reconciliation Act give up the military and trying to prolong the chapter on these issues, but the ability of the seriousness of the situation. So there are two options in front of the army, either to intervene and impose martial law and hinder the work of all institutions, and takes things in his hand to bring stability or to take the Supreme Court of critical decisions in these cases and charged with treason for senior statesmen in the current government, but there is great fear to take the Supreme Court resolution, which may occur a state of chaos has raised the media against the court, the army and then may enter the country in clashes unprecedented between military and civilian institutions, judicial, and this may make Pakistan slip into a state of chaos and this is what you want and you want by external forces represented by the CIA American and Indian may find enlist in the armed movements such a complex scenario. All of these persistent attempts by these external forces help domestic institutions also reported to you by aiming to create chaos to target Pakistan's military intelligence establishment and the military-specific as a whole and then open the door fully to the United States in Pakistan to do what it pleases. I would like to emphasize that there is a war intelligence relentless spin between devices Pakistani side and American Indian and the other hand, the government expelled hundreds of CIA operatives and that was a military decision in origin, but the civilian government is trying to overcome the obstacles to the return of those customers again. So Pakistan is a very dangerous situation, surrounded on all sides. Americans in the west of the Afghan side, the Indians in the east. Americans are very unhappy about the decision to stop logistics for them in Afghanistan.
Q - Let's come to the subject of U.S. involvement in the political affairs of Pakistan. This date is known to U.S. intelligence and other intelligence agencies that cooperate with it.And there is a file and the file Baluchistan tribes. Says that the center is threatened with penetration, how do you see the regional strategic scenario in the light of what is happening in Afghanistan and in the light of Pakistan's decision to stop military supplies?
C - If you go back to the date of atheist th of September, when contributed to Musharraf's government to the implementation of the U.S. decision to invade Afghanistan and opened a road through Pakistani territory for the transit of supplies to Afghanistan, did not use the Americans the only supplies to fight from whom they called terrorists in Afghanistan from the Taliban, but They support and funding and arming separatist movements inside Pakistan and led by the Pakistani Taliban. Supported by the CIA and its agenda is to wage war against the Pakistani army to weaken, let alone intelligence support for so-called Baluchistan Liberation Army and other partisan groups such as the National Movement Party of migrants in the province of Sindh and the party grassroots Pashtun.
The decision to halt supplies to NATO forces did not come spontaneously, there are certain information to the army and reached the conclusion that these supplies, including weapons and ammunition sufficient to arm the entire army. There are roughly three thousand and five hundred armored vehicles, tanks, combat aircraft "any one M and one" and five artillery pieces and thousands of other container with ammunition and military equipment if Hsrtha enough for the invasion of a strong state. This shipment has raised fears and concerns of the Pakistani military. Why the U.S. needs to talk about withdrawing troops from Afghanistan with the Taliban and talk peacefully to all of these huge military arsenal? Pakistan has become one of the most Muslim countries at all because of its possession of nuclear weapons. I think that this weapon and we've got missiles deterrent able to reach India and Israel is the real objective of the external forces / because Pakistan is the backbone to ensure the security of the Islamic world and the Middle East, not Israel can implement their plans of domination and expansion in the Middle East with weapons of deterrence with a nuclear Islamic Pakistan as well as India can not also be expanding and controlled before the destruction of the Asia Pakistan. Profile Fathlili that there is a strategic triangle whose sides are in India, Israel and the American participants in the single goal of destroying the last stronghold of Pakistan's strong in the Muslim world. But unfortunately we are surrounded on all sides. This triangle surrounded Libya, Syria, Pakistan, surrounded want today. There is an internal war raging between Pakistani institutions, Americans and Indians are watching the situation closely and I see that the solution is either to impose martial law to prevent Pakistan from sliding into civil war, Vvalia Pakistan today, a country without head and without a government and we are lacking to the Government of the perfect control of the country or control the financial or legal or constitutional army does not want to intervene at this stage is trying to preserve the national institutions and civil.
 Q - perhaps the most important file of the Afghan files of interest to regional and international powers in this region, in addition to what is happening in Pakistan, but what is waiting for the future scenario for Afghanistan?
C - One thing is certain is that the fate of Americans will not depend on events that take place inside Afghanistan, but it will be decided by the countries of the region Valamdadat reach the U.S. via Pakistan and there is no desire by any country in the region to keep U.S. forces in Afghanistan, and if countries decided to the region such as Pakistan, Iran, China, Russia and Turkey that the U.S. is not leaving it to Washington, another option is to withdraw. We have lost the war in Afghanistan, they did not achieve any military progress there, why they are in dialogue with the Taliban? If they really victorious. The Bonn conference, held only in order to get the Americans on the international legitimacy of their stay in Afghanistan and they want to stay longer, but Pakistan refused to participate in the conference, which are subject to failure because it is not without Pakistan's future to the Americans in Afghanistan. The defeated Pakistan, the Soviet Union in Afghanistan and the Afghan Mujahedin fought, but world politics and foreign policy strategy has built everything, even the ISI and this frightens the Americans a lot now, if Pakistan is a hostile to them, Pakistan has the experience and capabilities, communications, resources and historical experience that will make the development of the United States such as the USSR and the reason that Pakistan halt NATO supplies for two months to reach Afghanistan. Pakistan ordered the Americans to evacuate the base of solar, and did so within two weeks. In any place in the world if U.S. deficit for the resistance they are alone with the rules and they can not resist the Pakistan. Pakistan has excellent relations with the Afghan Taliban are re-building its relations with the European Union and the northern Tajiks, Uzbeks, and Iran to stand by Pakistan. Iran and Turkey and China will support in any circumstances, Pakistan's foreign policy, and if Russia were brought as a collective strategy for the fate of Americans will be decided by us, not by the U.S. government or the Pentagon or NATO. This is the scenario could happen. But if allowed to supply the U.S. in Pakistan, this will send a cross have hope to continue the war in Afghanistan for at least another two years and will work to build their forces to crush the Taliban launched an attack on Pakistan. It is therefore important to decide the region's countries and Pakistan over the fate and future of Afghanistan by continuing to stop supplies and create a political environment in order to force Washington to withdraw the more the duration of the Americans in the region, the possibility of achieving security remains non-existent.
 Q - There are fears of a return to civil war in Afghanistan, immediately after the departure of U.S. forces from Afghanistan, given the racial and ethnic diversity?
C - this question is an interesting As you can see that the supporters of the U.S. presence raise their voice is always that there is a war going, and that if U.S. forces withdrew from Afghanistan, the civil war could grow, but the main point, is that the war is still raging, but this time with outside forces occupied, and even if there was civil war in Afghanistan, it did not affect whatsoever on the situation of neighboring countries such as Pakistan, Iran, China and others, but the U.S. presence destabilized the situation in the whole region, and the first work to be done is to get rid of this war imposed on Afghanistan and ending the presence of foreign forces and then it would be There is a possibility to start a new civil war. In fact, says that there is a war raging, and this means that we replace the real war, this war has achieved this possible scenario. As for the other scenario is if united Iran and Pakistan together and close to the Uzbeks, Tajiks and Turkey are close to Iran and Pakistan are close to the Pashtun why we say that there is a possibility to get a civil war in light of the Union of these States with each other? Even if I got a war between groups of Pashtuns, Tajiks or Hazaras, this war will remain a civil war, internal, when the civil war raging in Afghanistan Baltsainat there was no interference in which there were no threat to Pakistan or Iran, there were no suicide bombings in Pakistan or Movement rebellion in which Afghans have a habit of fighting among themselves and can not unite them, but do not have the wishes of the expansion are not considered a threat to neighboring countries. As for the Americans they have the goals of expansion and the date of the destruction and occupation of countries and this means that Americans are the biggest threat to the region and not civil war in Afghanistan