Monday, February 20, 2012

Quaid e Azam: From Jinnah to Pakistan (With English Subtitles)

Hear the original words of our beloved Quaid. He said it clearly that in Pakistan there will be no other "Ism" like secularism, communism, capitalism etc but only the Islamic socialism (social justice as envisioned in Islam, Quran and sunnah). Quaid rejected Secularism totally! He knew the word. He never ever used it in any of his speeches. In hundreds of speeches he made it clear that Pakistan wi...ll be the "bulwark" or fort of Islam. Also, hear his words on evils of provincialism and the importance of being a Musalman!

Also, remember, under the garb of secularism, India is a Hindu zionist country. The SAFMA snakes want to make Pakistan "secular" but in reality promote Hindu values, culture and ideology! Their lies will be exposed on all battle fronts - in media and in courts InshAllah! The battle has begun. SAFMA is guilty of treason according to constitution and Criminal procedure code of Pakisan. It is time to expsoe and punish these traitors who have waged an open war on Pakistan. We will deal with them first InshAllah!
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