Tuesday, February 21, 2012

The reality of info war on Baluchistan‏.

The media and the politicians are going bonkers spreading lies and disinformation over Baluchistan. They tell you:

1. That Baluchistan has not been given its rights and the people of Baluchistan are fighting to get their rights.
2. They tell you that all Baluch are against Pakistan.
3. They tell you that FC and army is treating the Baluch like enemies.
... 4. They tell you that military did not do any development in Baluchistan.
5. They tell you that US and India is not supporting the rebellions in Baluchistan.
6. They tell you that US does not have any plans to attack and capture Baluchistan.
7. They tell you that Sardars are protecting the rights of the Baluch Muslims.
8. They tell you that army killed Nawab Akbar Bugti.

All these lies and deceptions are exposed in these 24 minutes, alhamdolillah. Listen to the proud Bugti Sardar Mir Ahmadan Bugti, the first cousin of Nawab Akbar Bugti tell you the truth about Akbar Bugti and his crimes against Bugti and Baluch Muslims. Also see the love of Marri tribals with Pak army!

It is your duty to share these video globally. The enemy is fully on the offensive. Join the fight to defend Pak sarzameen. 

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