Wednesday, February 22, 2012

SAFMA is also launching all their pet terrorist assets.

Buzurg say that the worst "Ulama" are those who are standing at the doors of the rulers!!

SAFMA is also launching all their pet terrorist assets to build pressure against us from the Congressi pro-Indian mullahs. This Mullah is well fed as you can see :). Exploiting the name of Khatm e Nubuwwat, a gang of fasadi mullahs have also been mobilized by the snakes of SAFMA.

InshAllah, on the day of judgement, all these standing together in this pic will be raised together! Our message to SAFMA and their pet mullahs who work for Indian and French interests -- By Allah we wait for you now and will drag you to hell InshAllah! You are the enemies of Rasul Allah (sm) and now you cannot hide behind journalism or religion. We shall be posting more on this Mullah soon inshAllah on how he serves the interests of the biggest Dajjal -- the UN! For now, he is serving his other masters -- the SAFMA and RAW.

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