Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Stand next to your army!‏

Dear Children, watch and spread the last 4 posts our Facebook Page, especially the bisharat from that Dervesh Wali Allah professor Maqsood sahib. He had mentioned that traitors would attack army but InshAllah, the army would turn the tables against the enemies of Rasul Allah (sm). You have seen that all enemies of Rasul Allah and Pakistan are today united against army and ISI. Even if army has made mistakes, it is this force which is defending Pakistan today while the politicians, media and judiciary is auctioning our honor, faith and Pak sarzameen.

Do not let the agents of RAW and CIA weaken our armed forces and ISI. These snakes are in TTP and also in Media and politics. There is no difference between a TTP terrorist and a media terrorist. Both are enemies of Rasul Allah (sm). Fight back hard without mercy to these snakes.

This is your duty today. Watch our programs and arm yourself with weapon of knowledge and fight back with decent argument and logic. Do not let the enemies spread lies, disinformation and propaganda against the armed forces. These snakes in media speak half truths, total lies and sweet disinformation on behalf of their foreign pay masters. Our last night program on ARY was another example of this sinister game. That snake was saying that army rule has always harmed the country. Just look at these statistics and see how they lie.

Make no mistake -- we do not support democracy or dictatorship. We only support system of Khilafat e Rashida which protects and defends honor of Rasul Allah and Pak Sarzameen. Pakistan has to be defended first and then we can bring that spiritual change in it. Only Pak army can defend Pakistan by the grace of Allah and thats where we stand - next to them.

It does not matter who brings it. army or the civilians. InshAllah, it will come with a joint effort of fuqara, aulia, momineen and mujahideen either in the army or in the society. We are one ummat, one millat and united in faith, Ishq e Rasul and love of Pak Sarzameen. Stand united and do your duty. Our battle field is information warfare. Khair inshAllah.