Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Tahir Ashrafi - SAFMA - French intelligence - RAW

Tahir Ashrafi, on one hand claim to defend Mujahideen but on the other hand his dirty links are not just with RAW backed SAFMA but also with UN and French intelligence and he has been serving their interests for ages.

Here we produce a confidential letter written by a UN officer just before the UN approved invasion of Afghanistan by the Zionists. Here, these UN Zionists are writing to Perzez Musharraf to send Tahir Ashrafi to Mullah Omar on the Bamiyan statue issues. This fasadi mullah was to plead the case of UN's french director, most probably to gather intelligence on Taliban before the US led invasion.

Today, he works for SAFMA and RAW gathering intelligence on Mujahideen in Pakistan. This letter by UN clearly shows how much the crusaders trust this snake. Now he has also become the champion of Khatm e Nubuwwat also. Astaghfurullah!