Thursday, February 9, 2012

US planning to intervene -- creating the environment‏

Syed Zaid Zaman Hamid 
Let us tell you clearly once again! US is now planning to physically intervene and invade Baluchistan to wage the last phase of Af-Pak in exactly the same way they did with Libya and now doing with Syria. Under the facade of Human rights violations, they invaded Libya and killed hundreds of thousands of Libyan Muslims. Now they plan to attack and capture Gawader to cut a land route to Afghanistan. All the CIA and RAW assets are now fully on the offensive in Baluchistan with US government's backing.

Pakistani government and judiciary is compromised. Media is sold out. Politicians are Mir Jaffar ad Mir Sadeq. If it is not for the mercy of Allah (swt) through Pak army, US and India would have already made a Yugoslavia or Iraq or Libya out of us. Now their entire media and diplomatic as well as military pressure is against the Pak army and the ISI.

DO NOT be fools to believe what the Zionist media and corrupt politicians tell you. There are plans to auction your honor and faith and if you still do not learn, then retribution would be all encompassing and without mercy.

InshAllah, as long as youth and the nation stand with Pak army and ISI, these sinister games cannot succeed. By Allah, we will do our duty and defend Pak sarzameen and our armed forces against all enemies of Rasul Allah (sm).

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