Tuesday, February 14, 2012

While in the compnay of brothers take your choice -- Difficult or Fatal ?

Went to visit our Mohsins in the army graveyard in Pindi. Our finest sons MashAllah! The afternoon sun was paying its last respects to these noble souls for the day and the air was heavy and the environment so intense that it shook my soul. This is the most beautiful and serene place in entire Pindi -- in the company of the Shuhada e Ummat e Rasul (sm).

There are times when the nations have to chose between taking the difficult path or the fatal path. Great nations chose the difficult path while those destined for destruction take the path of least resistance and perish as a civilization.

When it was told to our elders that making Pakistan would be an extremely difficult project, they replied that not taking the difficult path would mean taking the fatal path. We had only two choices back then -- Make Pakistan or perish under Hindu Zionists. Making Pakistan was indeed difficult. We gave 5 million shuhada and over 10 million were dislocated from their homes, the biggest human migration and the bloodiest slaughter of humans in human history. But it was worth it. The alternate would be total annihilation of our faith, dignity, honor, language, culture and civilization. Our great leaders took the difficult decision but saved us from fatal course.

In 1979, we again had two choices. It was difficult to fight and push the Soviet Union out of Afghanistan but the alternate was the fatal option of leaving the Soviets in Afghanistan which would have meant future generations of Pakistan would become slaves just as Muslims of central Asia and Afghanistan had become. Over a million died, 5 million left their homes but Muslims of Afghanistan and Pakistan staood united to take the difficult course and prevented a fatal annihilation.

Today, we are again confronted with 2 options. One is difficult. Other is fatal!

Either we remove this corrupt government, bring in patriotic government, clean up the country of all traitors and terrorists and eject the US/NATO from Afghanistan or we sit back, wait and let the war come to us for a bitter end. First option is difficult, would demand sacrifices and great hardships but the second option is fatal.

The war is upon us. We have given finest of our sons -- From Generals to Jawans to ordinary innocent, men, women and children - almost a 100,000 dead and wounded already.

It is said that to be enemy of US is dangerous but to be its friend is fatal! Who would know better than us?

When I see our leaders, media, Ulama, political parties and so called thinkers avoiding the difficult path and taking the path of least resistance, I feel that we have betrayed our sons and brothers like those who rest here.

It is so difficult not to cry in the company of such band of brothers!

Visit them. You will feel the impact!

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