Monday, February 20, 2012

Zaid Hamid: BAN SAFMA (purely RAW agents) in Islamic Republic of Pakistan !

We had told you few days ago that the final battle between soldiers of Rasul Allah (sm) and enemies of Rasul Allah (sm) has begun and there will not be any neutrals in this war. From the attacking Pakistan in 4th generation war, waging insurgencies, bringing in economic collapse and trying to dismember Baluchistan to attacking and destroying the sacred ideology of Pakistan, the enemies are active ...on all fronts with full force.

SAFMA is the information and propaganda arm of Hindu Zionists to dilute and destroy the Islam in Pakistan. Attacking the two nation theory, Objectives resolution, Islamic clauses of Constitution and the Islamic character of our beloved Pakistan is more lethal then launching suicide bombers and attacking physically. SAFMA are ideological terrorists!

By Allah, we will fight them in courts as they are the agents of Hindu Zionists. You have to take your sides. There are no neutrals now.

Imtiaz Alam... May Allah's curse be upon you. You have sold the honor of this Ummat e Marhoom. But Allah is watching snakes like you and He is all wise and all powerful and when He grips, He does with ferocious power!

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