Monday, March 12, 2012

No power on earth can defeat a Mard e Azaad

No power on earth can defeat a Mard e Azaad with Faqr e Ghayyur and a revived Khudi! If men want to remain free with dignity, no power on earth can make them slaves! Men who are born free are destined to die in this world and then live on in the next! Pakistan will soon need its sons to be like this. Right now, you are NOT prepared.

Revive your love for Rasul Allah (sm), read and BECOME Shaheen of Iqbal, follow your salat and Zikr, Read Quran and Muslim history, earn Halal Rizq, do sadaqa, take care of your health and physical fitness and spread this mission with all your force and will. InshAllah, Allah will protect Pak Sarzameen but now, once again, we will have to give greatest of sacrifices. prepare for it! Time is very close now for those who take advice! Those who do not take naseeha, will also know soon!