Thursday, April 12, 2012

Fear Allah before Kuffar enter your homes and humiliate your honor

Syed Zaid Zaman Hamid [Official]

Fear Allah before Kuffar enter your homes and humiliate your honor!!!

Dear Pakistanis, let us warn you of another sinister conspiracy of CIA and RAW funded TTP and their associates: To bring about a war between Iran and Pakistan!!!

US and India are fuming that that Pakistan and Iran are coming closer on strategic issues of US presence in Afghanistan, Kashmir, Geo-political and Geo-strategic cooperation like IP gas line, electricity supplies and and Islamabad-Tehran-Instambol rail links.

The systematic massacre of Shia Muslims from Gilgit to Parachinar to Quetta are designed to ignite sectarian wars in Pakistan.

Already ethnic wars between MQM, ANP, JSQM is raging in Karachi and Sindh.

Kharjis are waging a war against Pak sarzameen in tribal areas.

Secular Marxists BLA are killing the non-Baluchi Muslims and also attacking the Pak army.

Be careful. anyone dividing the millat on ethnic, sectarian, political and linguistic lines is working on "hamiat ul Jahilia", the arrogance of ignorance, and is an enemy of Rasul Allah (sm) and Pak Sarzameen. The 4thGW against Pak Sarzameen is now in the final stages and we must remain united, firm and vigilant.

When the Af-Pak and Cold start is launched, they will kill us because we are Muslims and then the enemy would NOT discriminate between Shias, Sunnis, Deobandis, Barelvis, Urdu speaking or non-Urdu speaking. Do NOT be fools or you will not have time for tauba later. Know your enemy!!

Your ideology is Islam, your identity is Pakistan. Never ever forget this sacred duty and mission given to you. Khair inshAllah.