Saturday, April 14, 2012

The Registrar of the SC is protecting SAFMA!!!‏

Our Petition against SAFMA snakes is in the Supreme Court but we are facing severe resistance from Dr. Faqeer Hussain, the Registrar of the Supreme Court, who is desperately trying to protect the traitor SAFMA and is trying to block our petition by raising most silly objections like we should not come to Supreme court for this petition or we are not qualified to file this case !! Absolutely, shameless to say the least. If we cannot come to Supreme Court on the biggest national security petition against media then where should the nation go for justice against traitors???? Pakistan is under attack and a clerk in Supreme court is defending the enemy's information war, Astaghfurullah!

InshAllah, We are bypassing the Registrar and requesting the CJ to intervene and take up the case as his staff is not putting it up for hearing. We expected this betrayal from the lower staff of Supreme Court who will now be investigated to explain why are they trying to defend a traitor media group which is waging a war against Pakistan, army and Islam. It is most unfortunate that the Registrar, who is basically a clerk responsible for putting up cases in front of judges have become party in this case and is openly going overboard to protect SAFMA. We are requesting the CJ to investigate this strange personal interest of the Registrar in blocking this case on such strange grounds.

Our message to SAFMA. You can sink as low as you want. You can use all delaying tactics as you wish. We are in the Supreme Court now and will get you hanged inshAllah! These delaying tactics can get you some more days but your fate is sealed, InshAllah.