Thursday, April 19, 2012

Reporting on duty Sayyedi Rasul Allah (SAW)

 Syed Zaid Zaman Hamid
Dear Children, yesterday, I received a very emotional e-mail from a PAF fighter pilot. Had to share it with you. Prepare yourself and report on duty yourself. Time has come for the believers to rise and prepare to defend this Medina-e-Sani.
MashAllah, the email says:
"Sir Zaid..i am a fighter pilot and all my prayers are for the time when i am called for duty by HAZOOR SAW. MAY ALLAH accept my humble being for HIS DEEN. I could not post elsewhere but i recieved an edition of Brass Tack in which on the first page, A soldier was standing saaluting to ROZA-e-RASOOL SAW and sayeing "REPORTING FOR DUTY YA RASOOL ULLAH". when ever i see that, My blood rushed through my veins. Inshallah when time will come..U would find us flying with angles over ur heads. AMEEN. MAY ALLAH GRANT ME SHAHADAT IN HIS WAY"