Tuesday, April 10, 2012

The Road to Mecca

Mohememd Asad, German convert Muslim, was given the duty of establishing the department of Islamic Reconstruction by Quaid e Azam, a remarkable work to create an Islamic Khilafat styled government in Pakistan!

InshAllah, soon we shall be publishing his works and writings here. He had met Baba Iqbal also and mentions the idealistic romantic concept of Pakistan in his meeting with Baba Iqbal in 1930's. Baba Iqbal asked Asad to work for the future Islamic state. This incredible evidence is another slap on the face of SAFMA snakes who say that Iqbal had no role in creation of Pakistan and that Pakistan was meant to be secular by Quaid. read this text from the world famous book by Allama Asad "Road to Makkah"! Allahu Akbar!

"After my conversion to Islam I lived for nearly six years in Arabia and enjoyed the friendship of King Ibn Saud; that after leaving Arabia I went to India and there met the great Muslim poet-philosopher and spiritual father of the Pakistan idea, Muhammad Iqbal.It was he who soon persuaded me to give up my plans of traveling to Eastern Turkestan, China and Indonesia and to remain in India to help elucidate the intellectual premises of the future Islamic state which was then hardly more than a dream in Iqbal's visionary mind. To me, as to Iqbal, this dream represented a way to, indeed the only way, to a revival of all the dormant hopes of Islam, the creation a political entity of people bound together not by common descent but by their common adherence to an ideology"

THE ROAD TO MECCA by Muhammad Asad
Page no.1