Thursday, May 31, 2012

Zaid Hamid Blasting Al-Qaida Myth

Syed Zaid Zaman Hamid
Alhamdolillah, today, we blasted the myth of Al-Qaeda on Aljazeera TV. The western secret services need a bogey to wage wars within the Muslim lands, just as the Iraqi WMD's which never existed. Now listen to the real story behind the facade of information war. This is what mainstream media will never tell you.

Wednesday, May 30, 2012

The Future of Global Economy – BrassTacks Policy Paper

Syed Zaid Zaman Hamid

Understand the disease which afflicts the EU and NATO
Understanding the economic prowess and vulnerabilities of the enemy is equally critical as measuring his military strength. While we are having a standoff with US and NATO over multiple national security issues, it is absolutely critical for Pakistan armed forces to understand the economic disease which now afflicts the western military alliance threatening us. US and NATO do not have the economic muscle left to wage another high intensity war against a nuclear armed Islamic nation and the factors to support this analysis are enclosed in this critical analysis by BrassTacks. Knowing the hidden and bitter truth about the critical economic health of the western military alliance gives us a strong edge over the adversary in military and diplomatic negotiations and engagements.
The ill health of western military alliance does not mean that the threats from US and NATO have diminished. The presently deployed 4GW is raging against Pak Sarzameen with full ferocity with the objective of turning the state into a failed dysfunctional entity like Somalia. Once that critical threshold is achieved, the next phase would be to make an “Iraq” of Pakistan, through Af-Pak and Cold Start invasions and occupations. Last phase would be the “Yugoslavia” model for Pakistan — dismemberment and balkanization. We must roll back the presently deployed 4GW and recover from the “failed state” environment. Blocking the NATO supplies have fatally damaged the planned Af-Pak invasions also and have imposed serious caution on the Indians as well, as Cold start was to be deployed in tandem with the Af-Pak invasion.
4thGW cannot be defeated without bringing in patriotic government in Islamabad. That is the first and most urgent prerequisite to build a solid response, else all other measures would collapse in the absence of a patriotic government. US and NATO know their inability to use force against Pakistan without making a “Somalia” or without the Indian help. If we can reverse the 4thGW and kill the Af-Pak, Cold Start would automatically be mortally wounded.
For now, US can only use bluff, bribe, threat and psy-ops to try to get their supplies released and re-launch the Af-Pak. Their economy at home has crashed, making it impossible for them to threaten us militarily at this stage. This is their biggest vulnerability and our strength. Know it well and stand firm.
Class Warfare Blowback - BrassTacks Policy Paper

Monday, May 28, 2012

From Constantinople to Dehli‏

For 900 years Muslims tried to capture the city of Constantinople to fulfill the prophecy of the Rasul Allah (sm) and to be from the blessed army destined for this glory. It was written for Sultan Muhememd Fateh on May 29th, in 1453, when the blessed Sultan breached the walls of this romantic city.

Today, the time has come for fulfillment of another Hadees, a spiritual intelligence foretold about the re-capturing of India at the hands of Muslim armies. When our elders can make military strategy based on Hadees of Rasul Allah (sm), we must do the same today as well. The Geo-politics and the spiritual intelligence converge to create the tectonic shift in history -- the reconquest of India at the hands of Muslims from the West! It has happened before, it will happen again. Beloved Rasul Allah (sm) has foretold this blessing!

From Constantinople to Delhi, the March of the soldiers of Rasul Allah (sm) continues. They have initiated the war. We will finish it now, InshAllah! The destiny will unfold as foretold! 

Sunday, May 27, 2012

We are not somalia, not Iraq and will never become Yugoslavia InshAllah

Why Pakistan had to go nuclear?? Because India was already waging an existential war against Pakistan, had already attacked and dismembered East Pakistan and was planning a total war on the remaining West Pakistan. Read what their own have to say about this. It is our nuclear potential which prevents any future "East Pakistan" for us. Never again, InshAllah.

Today, they plan to repeat their 1971 experience. Just as they had created traitors, ignited civil war, created quarter of a million Mukti Bahini terrorists and then invaded with another quarter of a million regular army from all sides to eliminate a brave and desperate army of just under 50,000 infantrymen to break Pakistan.

Under this corrupt democracy, they plan to achieve their most sinister designs which were left unfinished in 1971.

At present, Pakistan is being turned into “Somalia” under the deployed 4thGW.

Later US/India would try to turn it into “Iraq” through a physical invasion and occupation under Cold start and AfPak

Lastly, they would try to turn Pakistan into “Yugoslavia”, dismembered into smaller states on ethnic lines after a violent and bloody war.

The only reason Pakistan is still standing, strong and united is due to the blessing of Allah (swt) that Pakistan has a strong federal army armed with nuclear weapons, deployed and ready to use. Yugoslavia was not a nuclear weapon state nor the NATO supplies passed through Yugoslavia. Pakistan is controlling the fate, life and death of NATO on the western front. For the Eastern front we have deployed Ghaznavis, Ghauris and Shaheen to teach some manners to the Hindu Banya. Our concern is the internal 4th GW under this most corrupt and treacherous regime. InshAllah, that will be taken care of too.

Our message to the enemies on East and West. Do not mess with us. Pakistan is not Somalia, we are not Iraq and we will never ever become Yugoslavia, InshAllah. Our nuclear weapons are here for our protection and we have the will, courage, capability and the intention to annihilate all those who plan a Somalia, Iraq or Yugoslavia fate or us. By Allah, we will respond harshly.

To hell with Aman Ki Asha! Those who are spreading this sinister Indian psy-ops will be dealt according to the Islamic law in due course. We have not forgotten nor forgiven India's crimes or their intentions in 1947, in Kashmir, in Gujarat or in East Pakistan.

It is Pakistan which is here to stay. There is no power on earth which can undo Pakistan now, alhamdolillah!! 
To all Pakistanis and Muslim Ummah, Yaum e Takbeer Mubarak!!

CIA spy in Indian cabinet prevented Pakistan’s annihilation

A minister of Indira Gandhi’s cabinet betrayed India’s “war objectives” to the Central Intelligence Agency in December 1971, causing an abrupt end to the Bangladesh war under vicious US arm twisting.
This is the highlight of the book CIA’s Eye on South Asia by journalist Anuj Dhar. Published by Delhi-based Manas Publications, which is facing government’s ire for coming out with a book on the R&AW, the book compiles declassified CIA records on India and her neighbours. It specifically spotlights what arguably has been India’s biggest spy scandal.

In the run up to the 1971 India Pakistan war over what was then East Pakistan (now Bangladesh), The New York Times first hinted at the presence of a CIA operative in the Indian government. By December The Washington Post had reported that US President Richard Nixon’s South Asia policy was being guided by “reports from a source close to Mrs. Gandhi.”
Records and telecons declassified recently – but not properly explained up till now – show that a dramatic turnaround came on December 6 when a CIA operative, whom Dhar pins down as a minister of the Indira Cabinet, leaked out India’s “war objectives” to the agency. Prime Minister Gandhi told Union Cabinet that apart from liberating Bangladesh, India intended to take over a strategically important part of the Pakistan Occupied Kashmir and go for the total annihilation of Pakistan’s armed forces so that Pakistan “never attempts to challenge India in the future.”
When he came to know of the CIA report, a furious Nixon blurted out that “this woman [Indira Gandhi] suckered us,” thinking that Mrs. Gandhi had promised him that India won’t attack East Pakistan – not to speak of targeting West Pakistan and PoK. “But let me tell you, she’s going to pay,” he told his National Security Advisor Dr Henry Kissinger even as he tried to leak out the CIA report to give her bad press.
The CIA went on assess that fulfillment of India’s “war objectives” might lead to “the emergence of centrifugal forces which could shatter West Pakistan into as many as three or four separate countries.”
As a direct result of the operative’s information, the Nixon administration went on an overdrive to save West Pakistan from a massive Indian assault. Because the President felt that “international morality will be finished – the United Nations will be finished – if you adopt the principle that because a country is democratic and big it can do what the hell it pleases.”
Nixon personally threatened the USSR with a “major confrontation” between the superpowers should the Soviets failed to stop the Indians from going into West Pakistan. Kissinger secretly met Chinese Permanent Representative at the UN to apprise him of the CIA operative’s report and rub in that what India was planning to do with Pakistan with the Soviet backing could turn out to be a “dress rehearsal” of what they might do to China.
Dhar quotes in the book the official records showing that USSR’s First Deputy Foreign Minister Vasily Kuznetsov visited Delhi after Nixon’s threat and told the “Indians to confine their objectives to East Pakistan” and “not to try and take any part of West Pakistan, including Azad Kashmir” as “Moscow was concerned about the possibility of a great power confrontation over the subcontinent.” Kuznetsov also extracted a guarantee from Prime Minister Gandhi that India will not attack West Pakistan. This decision was promptly conveyed to Nixon. On 16 December 1971 when Nixon was told that India had declared a ceasefire, he exulted: “We have made it… it’s the Russians working for us.” Kissinger congratulated him for saving West Pakistan – India’s main target, as per the operative’s report to the CIA.
Dhar repudiates recent assertion by a former Indian Navy chief that showing up of America’s biggest nuclear powered carrier into the Bay of Bengal during the war had something to do with the accidental destruction of a US plane in Dhaka during an Indian strafing. “Declassified records make it unambiguously clear that the month-long show of strength by the USS Enterprise and accompanying flotilla was a byproduct of the CIA operative’s reports,” he writes, reproducing chunks from official records detailing how Nixon ordered a naval task force towards the subcontinent to “scare off” India from attacking West Pakistan.
In subsequent years, former Prime Minister Morarji Desai, and two deputy PMs – Jagjivan Ram and Y B Chavan – were alleged to be the CIA operative active during the 1971 war. However, all such charges lacked any substantiation because there was no confirmation whether or not such an operative ever existed. As such no constructive discussion on the issue ever took off. This has changed now given the unassailable evidence in the form of US records making it clear that the CIA had a “reliable” agent operating out of the Indian cabinet in 1971.
In declassified records the name of the operative has been censored because the CIA Director has “statutory obligations to protect from disclosure [the Agency's] intelligence sources.” Dhar writes: “Naming the Indian operative even after so many years will adversely impact the Indo-US relations, and hit the Agency’s prospects of recruiting new informants.”
However, he suggests that Indian government may have known the identity of the operative. “R&AW under the most capable R. N. Kao could not have missed the reference to the ‘source close to Mrs. Gandhi’ and must have dug deeper,” he writes, adding that in 1972 Mrs. Gandhi herself charged that “she had information that the CIA had become active in India”.
More pertinently, Dhar quotes from the declassified record of a 5 October 1972 meeting between Indian Foreign Minister Swaran Singh and US Secretary of State William Rogers. During the meeting, Singh asserted that “CIA has been in contact with people in India in ‘abnormal ways.’” and that India had information that “proceedings of Congress Working Committee were known to US officials within two hours of meetings”.

Interview of Zaid Hamid in Fars News Agency

Alhamdolillah, our entire ARY program with Fahad hussian has been translated by the state news agency of Iran FARSNEWS and broadcasted globally!! Our azaan is being heard by the closest of friends and by the archest of enemies - for it is the voice of the heart and soul of Pakistan and Muslim Ummah, alhamdolillah.

Pakistani media controlled by SAFMA is doing all they can to block our voice but Allah has His own ways to expose the enemies and give courage and hope to the millat! InshAllah, our policies are and will shape the destiny of this millat. Let the enemies burn in their rage!
خبرگزاری فارس: ادعای خروج آمریکا از افغانستان/ هدف از انتقال 5000 کامیون سلاح به افغانستان چیست؟

The day the mountains shook!

May 28th -- day we shook the world, wrote a new destiny and sealed the fate of enemies of Rasul Allah (sm)! Medina e Sani became the first Muslim nuclear armed state in history! Our nuclear status is the only obstacle in the creation of "Greater India" and "Greater Israel"!

Pakistan's nuclear weapons are the single most lethal threat to the Kuffar after our Islamic ideology. The entire 4thGW, Af-Pak and Cold start has been designed to take away this lethal security potential of the Islamic world. Our ideology and our nuclear weapons are the guarantee that this millat is here to stay, bound to rise and destined to lead, InshAllah!

This is the most fascinating an romantic story of the 20th century after the creation of Pakistan. Hear it and let your soul shake and melt under the intense heat of emotions and passions.

Pak Sarzameen, we love you!!!!!

Saturday, May 26, 2012

Remain witness that we have conveyed the message!!‏


Dear Iftikhar Chaudrey sahib,

As a Muslim and as fellow citizen of this Pak Sarzameen and medina e Sani, it is our duty to advice you.

Fear Allah and do not betray Rasul Allah (sm). You have taken an oath to uphold the justice without fear and favor. Today, the fate of this nation is in your hands but tomorrow you will be judged in front of Allah (swt) for what you do today.

For the past 10 years, over a 100,000 Pakistanis have died or have been wounded by the terrorists backed by hostile powers who are waging a massive war against the state to dismember it on the pattern of Yugoslavia. Thousands of these mass murderers have been arrested by army and ISI but not a single terrorist has been hanged by the courts under your command and control. The entire civil judicial system has collapsed – Police does not prosecute, government and its allies are treacherous and involved in supporting and sponsoring terrorist gangs, courts and judges are fearful or biased to give judgment against the hard core terrorists and the media is controlled by SAFMA and is waging a massive info war against Pakistan.

You talk of upholding the constitution and law but your statements are now sounding hollow as every organ of the state – government, judiciary, media is brutally violating the constitution and their oath of office. Nation is in pain, terrorists are rampaging on streets from Gilgit to FATA to Quetta to Karachi to Nawabshah but your judiciary is NOT punishing the terrorists.

On the day of judgment, by Allah, we Muslims will stand witness against you that you have NOT done your duty and have violated the faith this Muslim nation had in you. By Allah, we will do bud-dua for you now if you do not do tauba and do your duty of hanging the terrorists. We want justice. If you do not give it to us, we will ask Allah to give it to you.

In these times of legal, constitutional and judicial anarchy, we see that instead of punishing the terrorists, the judiciary is most active in filing cases against army, ISI and FC for “violating” the constitution and operating against the terrorists “extra-judicially”!!! The judiciary has not taken a single case against TTP, BLA or other terrorist gangs nor called them to court but dozens of cases have been registered or being heard against army, ISI and FC.

Please tell us what should army do in these times of war when the entire civilian government and systems have collapsed? Army is the only institution left which is defending the honor of Pakistan, yours and mine. If army is collapsed or its hands tied or it is demoralized, then it is all over. We will become like Yugoslavia or Iraq or Somalia. For Allah’s sake, chase and hunt the terrorists NOT the army and the ISI. You may be a good judge but you are NOT a security and defense analyst. In matters of war, rules of war, emergency and Martial Laws are applied not civilian laws. It is critical to save the lives and property of the innocent Muslims and citizens. Let the army do what it feel right to be done against the terrorists. It would be more honorable to activate your own courts to convict and hang a few terrorists.

Pakistan is now on the verge of a meltdown with total anarchy in law and order, governance, financial management and judicial failure. Pak army and ISI are NOT the enemy, for God sake, government and the terrorists and the hostile media are. In your innocence or naivety or excitement, you are hurting Pakistan now.

There will be great izzat for you in dunya and Akhira if you follow Allah (swt) and Rasul Allah (sm) and enforce fierce justice according to Quran and Sunnah without fear or favor in these times when the millat needs you to stand firm. But if you fail in your duty, which is the case right now, there is zillat for you in dunya and akhira. You have been given this limited time by Allah (swt). Today you are all powerful but make sure you are not humiliated on the day of judgment. That is the ultimate loss.

May Allah give you strength to deal with the enemies of Rasul Allah (sm) or else me He deals with you as He pleases. Remain witness that we have conveyed you the message.


Zaid Hamid

Friday, May 25, 2012

The cost of exercising People's Free Speech in America

This is what the Zionist controlled "Free" media will never show you. All over the world, decent humans are protesting and resisting the NATO's war in Afghanistan. These are not Mullah's or "extremist" Muslim "terrorists". These are US citizens, ex-soldiers and patriotic Americans who know that NATO's war in Afghanistan is for slaughter and genocide! When good Christians can make their stand, then shame on Pakistani leadership when they bargain with NATO to continue the sinister war in Afghanistan!

US must leave Afghanistan NOW. We will NOT support that illegal, unjust cruel war. If US does not want to leave, then we will drag it out or bury it in the gorges of Afghanistan as we did to the Soviets. This is our final decision and we are not open to negotiations!!!
The cost of exercising People's Free Speech in America

Our model for Pakistan -- not democracy, not dictatorship‏

Our economic model is NOT democracy NOR Dictatorship!!! We reject Capitalism and Communism or secularism for we stand for Islam. This is the biggest deception of modern political science and media disinformation that they never talk about the THIRD option of Khilafat e Rashida model. For the Muslim youth, teachers, thinkers and philosophers, it is now absolutely critical to understand the true essence of Islamic political model. Watch our series on Khilafat e Rashida. This episode will open new discourse of thought and vision. Watch this and shake your soul. This is your challenge. Rise and take charge and respond to the liberal secularists.

Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Syed Zaid Hamid - Chicago Conference and NATO Supplies - Pakistan Tonight - 22-05-12

There is a conspiracy in the media to create this false impression that Pakistan cannot survive without US and NATO and that we must accept the humiliation and continue to follow the suicidal path of supporting the illegal US war in Afghanistan.

Here we blast this myth and put forth the view of the patriots in our azaan on ARY tonight. By Allah, we will not just resist the opening up of supplies but would also fight to seize them as compensation for all the damages done to Pak Sarzameen at the hands of crusaders. To hell with US and NATO. Pakistani nation now will NOT be party in the slaughter of Afghan Muslims! ENOUGH!!!

Saturday, May 19, 2012

we will resist the elections‏

We have a sacred duty towards this Pak Sarzameen. We are in a state of war and we need to develop response to this total encirclement. Our immediate missions are:
1. Removal of this regime.
2. Bringing in patriotic caretakers.
3. Blocking any elections till the country stabilizes and we change the system to assure place for patriots in power.
4. Blocking and seizing NATO supplies.
5. Accountability of the corrupt and the terrorists.

Elections would only bring black sheep who would be voted by stupid sheep. All those demanding elections in these times of war are either idiots or traitors. We will resist the elections with all we have got, InshAllah, just as we have so far resisted the opening up of NATO supplies. Time for a most severe accountability of the traitors in politics, government, executive, media and judiciary is very very close now, InshAllah.

Ottoman letter to Ireland 1845‏

There was a time when Muslim Khilafat was giving aid and charity to Europe in times of their need and crisis. When an Islamic state will be created, it will be benevolent, merciful, tolerant and just not cruel, colonizer, invasive and murderous as we have these modern so called demon-cracies.

In 1845 , because of a the famine in Ireland the population went down from eight million to six million as a result of deaths and mass immigration to America. When the Ottoman Muslim Sultan Abdulmajid, khadim ul Haramain al shareefain, who was struggling with his own economic problems at the time being due to the big drought that year, heard from his Irish Doctor that his whole family had died in Ireland and so he decided to help the suffering folks in Ireland.

Ireland was 4000 miles away from Turkey, which was also in a political turmoil, but his conscious told him to send 10.000 Sterling. However, the Queen of England who only helped the Irish with $ 2.000 Sterling or only with one fifth what the Sultan was ready to give, intervened and limited the Ottoman help to only 1.000 Sterling. Sultan Abdulmejid , knowing that this little will not be of to much help to the people of Ireland decided to send three ships, full of food in addition to 1.000 Sterling to Ireland. Once again Queen Victoria prevented the Turkish ships to enter the harbors of Cork City and Belfast, but they finally succeeded to dock secretly at the small port of Drogheda and deliver the food.

The Letter of Gratitude to Ottoman Sultan from the Noblemen, Gentlemen and Inhabitants of Ireland

“We the noblemen, gentlemen and inhabitants of Ireland want to express our thank and gratitude for the Ottoman Sultan's munificent assistance due to the disaster of dearth. It is unavoidable for us to appeal the assistance of other countries in order to be saved from the enduring threat of death and famine. The Ottoman Sultan's munificent response to this aid call displays an example to European States. Numbers were relieved and saved from perishing through this timely act. We express our gratitude on their behalf and hope that the Ottoman Sultan and his dominions will be saved from the afflictions which have befallen us.”

Friday, May 18, 2012

US invasion is fully in place unless we destroy Af-Pak‏

Af-Pak military doctrine is an invasion strategy on Pakistan from the western borders. The Af-Pak was developed by Obama in 2009 when the deployed 4th generation war had reached such levels that US was sure that Pakistan would collapse and NATO from the West and Indians from the East would simply march into Pakistan for annihilating the remaining Pak army and the state. Alhamdolillah, by blocking the NATO supplies, we have blocked their military hardware and now the Indian Cold start is also in crisis. But the 4GW is still deployed with full intensity on political, media, economic and security axis.

Americans already have created a reason to attack Pakistan. Ayman Zawahiri is on Pakistan, says Hillary. British police says the threats to London Olympics would come from Pakistan.

The only thing stopping a full US/NATO invasion is the fact that Pakistan army is still strong and united and NATO supplies are blocked in Pakistan. Once the supplies are open, then we would lose this opportunity for ever and then a a bloody existential war from 3 sides -- Cold Start, Af-Pak and 4thGW -- would be imposed.

By Allah, if our treacherous rulers bring that war upon us, we will lynch and hang them in Islamabad first. They should know that now there will be no escape.

BrassTacks analysis - Farsnews IRAN

Alhamdolillah, our azaan is heard globally and heard by the movers and shakers of the world. Here, Iran's state news service Farsnews makes a global broadcast of our analysis for the Persian speaking world and their leaders. InshAllah, Iran, Turkey and Pakistan would link up with China and Russian to bury the NATO ambitions in Afghanistan. Af-Pak is not just a threat to Pakistan, it is also a declaration of war against Iran, China and Muslim Central Asia. This new strategic alliance need a strong stable government in Pakistan. Till that time, we will resist the Crusaders and their Hindu stooges with full force and fierceness, InshAllah.
تازه ترين اخبار ورزشي، حوادث، سياسي و اقتصادي ايران، افغانستان، آسياي مرکزي و ساير مناطق جهان را در اينجا بخوانيد. مي توانيد کليپ هاي صوتي و تصويري را از خبرگزاري فارس دريافت کنيد

Thursday, May 17, 2012

Pakistani nation will NOT be part of the Crusader's war against Afghan Muslims

Alhamdolillah,pressure generated by the patriots, youth and society has given cold feet to the government and they have delayed the announcement of the re-opening of the NATO supplies. This is a good development and shows that the emotions, passions and pressure of the patriots can make a difference. The job is not done yet. We will have to keep up the pressure till all NATO supplies are seized as punishment for killing or wounding 100,000 Pakistanis under Af-Pak and 4GW.

Pakistani nation will NOT be part of the Crusader's war against Afghan Muslims now. The sins of our leaders in the past 10 years have killed hundreds of thousands of Muslims in Afghanistan and Pakistan. Now it is time for tauba. The best tauba is to withdraw from this war, block and then seize all supplies, demand an exit date of all foreign forces from Afghanistan, initiate a peace process with Taliban and Tajiks, Uzbeks and Hazaras and kick all Indians out of Afghanistan with the help of our Afghan brothers.

Our treacherous leaders are still negotiating the rates and their commissions to send in weapons, fuels and ammunition into Afghanistan. They are not even debating the illegality, immorality and threats to Pakistan from the US presence in Afghanistan. Nation will not accept this treachery now. Enough!!!

If a dog falls into a well, you cannot clean the well by taking the water out. Dog must be pulled out first. The Zionist Crusader dog has fallen into the clean well of Afghanistan. Pakistan must pull the "dog" out first. Only then pure "water" of peace and love would flow from Afghanistan, otherwise, we will continue to have the filthy sewer of TTP, BLA, Drones and NATO attacks against us for a fatal war of annihilation.

Hold your battle stations in the cyber world and spread the message and wage the battle. You are making a difference, MashAllah.

Tuesday, May 15, 2012

This is the ultimate test of the CJ and the army chief

The Mir Jaffar's and Mir Sadeq's of today have sold the honor of ummat e Rasul (sm). They are now planning to open NATO supplies and thus, offering this nation as sacrifice to dogs and swines of crusaders. These traitors have now cleared the path for Af-Pak war against Pakistan and have also opened the supply line of weapons for TTP, BLA, MQM and ANP to wage their own urban 4GW against Pak sarzameen. Parliament had prohibited the supply of weapons and had demanded stoppage of drones. Fuel is also a military tool of war. Now these snakes will feed the enemies to swallow this nation. This is the ultimate test of the CJ and the army chief. It is time for them to make their move or else give us guns. We will defend our medina e Sani!!!

Monday, May 14, 2012

BrassTacks Security and Political Review of the Week‏

This is what media and paid analysts will never tell you. Prepare for what's coming. The munafiqeen and the traitors are now exposed. Elections under these circumstances would mean a collective suicide. Reject and resist elections. All those calling for elections are either traitors or idiots. Patriotic caretakers must take over now.

BrassTacks Security  and political Review of the Week:

Eastern Front

India and US are now partners in war against Pakistan. Indians are aggressively buying US weapons and also leaning upon the diplomatic prowess of the US to encircle, isolate and then nail Pakistan. The pace of Indo-US cooperation in all spheres of diplomacy, economics, military and regional cooperation is breathtaking and indeed seriously threatening for Pakistan. The shapes of things to come are now crystal clear. The Af-Pak and Cold start have now joined hand against their common enemy – Pakistan.

India is now heavily counting upon the US to be appointed as the natural heir to the US/NATO in Afghanistan once the bulk of western forces leave the country in around 2014. Indian military and economic presence is heavy in Afghanistan which is also being used as a launch pad to wage the 4thGW against Pakistan to soften it up for Af-Pak and Cold Start invasions.

The blockade of NATO supplies has not just created a crisis for the Americans but also for the Indians as well. Now, every military plan of NATO and India has gone into complete disarray. This is a major strategic victory for Pakistan achieved through a master stroke of tactical brilliance.

If Pakistan can hold this blockade for another few months, the back of the US military adventure would be broken in Afghanistan and by default of India as well. Americans continue to provoke Pakistan with more and more drone strikes and the mood remains defiant in Pakistan army to resist the US pressure to open the supplies.

Incredibly, Pakistan government remains in blissful ignorance about the intentions, strategy, weapons acquisitions and diplomatic and media offensive of India against Pakistan and continue to insist upon trade, talks, peace and giving access to the Indians in Pakistani markets and society. The Indian psy-ops within Pakistan is now most intrusive and devastating. Indians are fully exploiting this intrinsic treachery of the government and are in no mood to give any concession to Pakistan, especially when US is standing alongside Delhi.

But Pakistan army is now seriously concerned. With 55% of the army already deployed on active duty on internal security operations, there are just not enough troops to respond if the Indians decide to launch their Cold Start doctrine. Pakistan’s reliance is now heavily on its unconventional forces which can carry nuclear payload. While the government continues to auction the national security, military prepares for the inevitable showdown.

On the western front, Pakistan continues to create serious crisis for US and NATO forces in Afghanistan. US is now desperate but is also extremely vulnerable to Pakistan’s strength in deciding the fate of US forces in Afghanistan. US cannot harm Pakistan militarily but the weak and compromised political leadership offers an opportunity to the US to threaten and blackmail the PPP regime. The regime is also hell bent upon opening NATO supplies but is afraid of the army and the public backlash. The PPP ministers are now resorting to shameless and farcical PR drive to convince the nation that NATO supplies must be restored, quoting non-existential laws and accords. US is also using threats, blackmail and intimidation to bring down the Pakistani resistance.

US is now fully using threat and blackmail to bring down Pakistani resistance. They have made their intentions clear on Drone strikes as well, making a mockery of the Pakistani parliaments’ resolution on the seriously contentious issue.

But the fact is that the relations between Pakistan and US have now hit rock bottom. US knows that it cannot impose another war on a nuclear armed nation with an army of over half a million regulars and over 10 million irregulars, tribals, militias and armed citizens. US have to use pressure, threats, bluffs, blackmails and bribes to make their way through not a real military adventure. This is the crisis US is facing right now. It does not have a military muscle to threaten Pakistan in real terms. US have to rely on bluffing Pakistan into submission. The entire invasion levels hardware is now stuck in Pakistan and if the things went out of control, Pakistan could actually seize these supplies which cannot be replaced by the US under any circumstances under the catastrophic economic meltdown in US and NATO countries.

US is threatening Pakistan that Islamabad would not be invited to a conference to decide the future of Afghanistan is Islamabad continues to block supplies. This is just another empty bluff which the PPP regime is more than willing to swallow. There is nothing US can do in Afghanistan without Pakistan’s support and any decision taken in the absence of Islamabad would mean nothing more than the piece of paper it is written. There is real threat that the PPP regime would auction the national interest rather too soon, without offering any resistance. The convicted PM is in London but keen to find a way out for the NATO forces at all cost.

There is a reason why US is using bluff and blackmail and not actual military force to bring down Pakistan. US just cannot afford another military conflict when it is losing the war in Afghanistan. In a damning indictment of US military strategy, a serving US army Colonel writes in the US armed forces journal about the debacles and disasters now haunting the occupation forces.

The article makes a startling read and shows how US is using the bluff and blackmail to confuse and disorientate the Pakistani leadership. Written by one of their finest officers who have spent time in Afghanistan, this article is the real factual analysis of the nightmare the US army is facing in Afghanistan and of failures of their leaders and allies in the Afghan army.

US cannot even control their allies, the Afghan army; let alone containing the rag tag militia of Taliban. Now the prospects of going to war with a nuclear armed nation with millions of regular and irregular fighters are a nightmarish unthinkable preposition for the US. US just cannot do it. This is what the Pakistani leaders do not understand.

US is actually releasing the Taliban fighters to cut peace deals with their “arch” enemy. This is farcical, hilarious and makes a mockery of their demands that Pakistan should “do more” to contain the Taliban threats. Such is the dire situation of the US in Afghanistan.

Political Front

The 4th generation war Pakistan is facing today cannot be fought without a strong stable government. The 4GW is not a military war alone but primarily a political, economic, media and diplomatic one. The fact is that 4GW cannot be deployed against a state if it has a strong federal government managing the law and order and economy as well the diplomacy and politics with strength and good governance. The fact that Pakistan is today on the verge of internal collapse is a sign that its government is actually a part of the problem instead of being its solution.

There is absolutely no sign of any reform, improvement or correction in any government or state organ and the collapse is too rapid now to be controlled without serious bloodshed and anarchy. The government, political parties, Supreme Court and the nation remain at war with each other oblivious to the threats which have now engulfed the nation. It is actually anarchy now.

The meltdown continues as parties literally drag the country towards a civil war on provincial or ethnic lines. This is most explosive political gamble by the parties to muster political support before the elections. The country would be ripped violently on ethnic lines. The Supreme Court continues to fire in every direction without any strategy or vision to control the rot, adding to the chaos exponentially.

While the state organs and political parties fight amongst each other, the country continues to slip rapidly into abyss as food and energy crisis turn into nightmares.

The rulers and political leaders are making windfall profits as the country burns on all axis. The members of the parliament, Ministers and the Prime Minister, all are now the richest people in a country where almost 90% suffer food or energy insecurity. This is scandalous now and all the ingredients of a massive violent street revolution are mixed into a volatile inferno.

The anarchy is now unsustainable. If the army does not move in now, the country would become a failed state like Somalia or a disintegrated state like Yugoslavia. It has now come to this.
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Saturday, May 12, 2012

There will be no elections now

There will be no elections now InshAllah. Elections or no elections, there is a severe punishment awaiting this nation and its filthy leaders, politicians, judiciary, media, ulama e soo and those in authority today who has the power to stop the zulm but wait, watch and remain silent. Before Allah sends His own team, a massive punishment has already begun. Now cleanup is also about to start. Time is up!!!!!

Friday, May 11, 2012

A Video worth of Millions

 Syed Zaid Zaman Hamid [Official] 
 When nations become barren, they need the blood of the martyrs to revive them!!!!

If you are living with dignity and honor in this Pak sarzameen, it is the sadaqa of these Shuhuda and Mujahideen of Pakistani armed forces. Never ever betray your land, your faith, your ideology and your army or you will betray the Ummat of Rasul Allah (sm). Tough times are here but the tough nations rise from the ashes and keep their flag high no matter what the cost. Rise again, hold the flag and be part of an amazing destiny which awaits you now! Allahu Akbar!!!

Thursday, May 10, 2012

By Allah, we will take revenge of every shaheed

Just two days ago, nearly 57 soldiers and officers of an army unit were shaheed or wounded in an ambush in North Waziristan. This is the price we have to pay to defend this pak Sarzameen against Hindu zionists and their Kharji terrorists. By Allah, we will take revenge of every shaheed. By Allah, we are proud of their shahadat and inshAllah will never let the flag fall.

Now read what Captain Junaid wrote to his mother and cry your heart out:

Capt Junaid, who was born on 9th May 1983, after birth of his three elder sisters, was sent on many difficult missions which he completed successfully.This brave Young Son of ours taught us how to keep Grace under Pressure. Junaid’s last message found on his Laptop. Junaid was beheaded by TTP kharjis in Swat when he fell fighting the enemies of Rasul Allah (sm).

“Asslam-u-Alaikum Ami and Abu. I hope when you will receive this message I would not be alive. What so ever, do not shed tears for me. The done is done. Yes this was written in my fate. This is not because I was serving in Army that is why I died, but yes because of Army I am not dead.

I have embraced Shahadat. Shahadat which every soldier wants. Tell every one that my last words were, ‘there will be very few parents in this whole world who sacrifice there only son in the name of God, for their nation, and You are among them. I will not say don’t worry, sure it is the tough time you have ever seen in your life but be patient and admit what is done.

The achievement of your life is that you had got a brave son who may be dead for the world but he has achieved a good reputation in his field and his name would be taken as a brave and meticulous soldier. I had spent less time with you.

I am away since last seven years. I am happy that this thing will help you further to forget me, if not so, just think that I am on my job.

I have got no further soothing words for you people. Ami I am really sorry that I could not get a girl for you (my wife), so that you could become a Mother-in-Law and fight with her….Oh just kidding. Oh! So sorry in these days you were in search for a beautiful girl for me. I think all the girls were lucky; why? Because they are safe now.

You have got a very nice son as he had done no bad deeds in his complete life”.

Chief justice sahib, fear Allah or be ready for His justice !!‏

Syed Zaid Zaman Hamid [Official]

Janab Chief Justice of Pakistan, Iftikhar Chaudrey sahib,

On the day of judgement, in front of Allah (swt) and Rasul Allah (sm) and the entire Ummat e Rasul (sm), you will be asked why your "azaad adlia" did not punish the terrorists who behead Muslim soldiers of Pakistan army!! For the last 10 years, not a single terrorist has been hanged by the courts under your command but thousands of Pakistani Muslim soldiers and citizens have been beheaded by the Kharji terrorists. According to Sharia and Quran, these terrorists deserved to be crucified for spreading Fasad fil ard and hanged in public but why are your courts silent, even releasing them regularly so that these terrorists can continue to wage their war against Medina e Sani???? What will you say to Allah (swt) in your defense???. Today, you are the Chief Justice but tomorrow you will be judged harshly by the Supreme Chief Justice of the the universe. By Allah, we will testify that you have not done your duty of defending the Medina e Sani and the Muslims of this Pak Sarzameen. Our hearts bleed as our brave sons and brothers are being beheaded and you do not acknowledge the fact that your courts have failed and that military must be given a free hand to deal with these snakes. Today, you are in the highest office of the land and we cannot dare say a word about you. But we have made a petition to the Lord of the universe and He is "Ahkamul Hakimeen"!

We urge you to allow military courts to apply the Sharia punishments to these traitors and Kharjis, else we pray that Allah do justice with you soon.

Oh Allah, be witness that we have conveyed the message!!!!!

NWA operation ‘in the offing’ as 13 troops beheaded

By: The Nation Monitoring | May 08, 2012 | 10
 NWA operation ‘in the offing’ as 13 troops beheaded
MIRANSHAH - Taliban militants killed 14 soldiers in Miranshah, beheaded all but one of them and hung two of the heads from wooden poles in the centre of town, officials said Monday.The killings in Miranshah, the main town in the North Waziristan tribal area, highlight the situation facing the military in dealing with the militancy.The US has repeatedly demanded that Pakistan launch an offensive in North Waziristan, especially against the so-called Haqqani network. Pakistan has promised to do so in the future. “Something has to be done, and it’s in the offing,” Lt-Gen Khalid Rabbani, the Pakistan army’s top commander in the region told an American news agency in an interview Monday, reported Washington Post. “North Waziristan is the only place left” that hasn’t been the target of an operation, he said.On Sunday, the Taliban ambushed a security checkpoint in Miranshah, killing nine soldiers, the army said. Militants had been firing on the checkpoint for the past few days before they ambushed it, the army added.When authorities finally retrieved the bodies of the dead soldiers, they found that they had been beheaded, said intelligence officials, speaking on condition of anonymity because they were not authorised to talk to the media. The Army retaliated Sunday with helicopter gunships that pounded suspected militant hideouts and also hit three houses and a mosque in the town, said intelligence officials. Three civilians were killed and 20 were wounded in the helicopter attacks, they said. It’s unclear how many militants were killed.The military also raided a house in Miranshah on Sunday night, killing a militant commander and several of his colleagues, said intelligence officials. But the remaining militants escaped with five soldiers captured during the raid.They beheaded four of them and hung two of their heads from poles in Miranshah on Monday. The bodies of the others were dumped in Miranshah bazaar, the officials said.“This will not shy us off establishing the writ of the government in all the areas, including North Waziristan,” said Lt-Gen Rabbani, who commands 150,000 troops in the northwest along the Afghan border.The army unleashed its helicopter gunships again Monday, attacking a weapons market in Miranshah where the militants who attacked the security checkpoint were believed to be hiding, said intelligence officials. The attack killed some 30 militants and destroyed dozens of shops that sold assault rifles, ammunition and rocket propelled grenades, the officials said.Since the fighting started Sunday, 20 troops have been injured, said the officials. The attack on the weapons market occurred after the army had declared a curfew, so there did not appear to be any civilian casualties within the bazaar, said Haji Zafran, one of the shop owners. But a dozen people were wounded when a mosque near the market was hit, he said. The market burned for hours after the attack, and the area reverberated with loud bangs as the flames set off the ammunition and grenades in the shops, said Zafran.The owner of the market, Haji Noor Deen, protested the army’s attack and claimed he and the other arms dealers suffered a loss of millions of dollars.“Our place was targeted for no reason, as nobody fired a shot from there at the army,” said Deen. “The dealers just sell arms to tribesmen.”The army lifted the curfew so that tribal elders and militants could hold a meeting to try to resolve the conflict, said intelligence officials. The Jirga included members of the Haqqani network, an Afghan group, and also Hafiz Gul Bahadur, a powerful militant commander believed to be close to Pakistan, they said.The fighting in Miranshah follows the murder last week of a senior cleric, Maulana Naseeb Khan, who taught at a madrassa near Peshawar where several Taliban leaders studied. The cleric, who came from North Waziristan, was kidnapped near Peshawar and found dead on Thursday. After his funeral, the Taliban distributed a pamphlet blaming the army and vowing to avenge his killing.

Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Red alert - Concerns on olympic security & role of Pakistan‏

We are warning of a major false flag terrorist attack to blame Pakistan. The British media psy-ops against Pakistan have begun. The signs are that there would be a security crisis in the Olympics and the blame would come upon Pakistan. To gain the support of the entire world, people of the “entire” world must die and no place can be better venue for such a false flag fake terrorist attack than Olympics. The Olympics are in 27 July to 12 August 2012. That is just 3 months way and we have NO government in Islamabad. With the levels of anarchy and chaos in Islamabad, the government would crash and crumble under threat of an international “coalition” war, deployment of Af-Pak and Cold start. With the levels of anarchy in Pakistan already and demands for elections in those times would mean a total and complete meltdown of Pakistani state under such a threat, Allah forbid.

The Olympics threat is in addition to the controlled demolition we are facing already. The 4thGW is in its last stages. This is NOT a false alarm. While the government and the Supreme Court fight the legal wars and the media run the deception of "Aman Ki Asha" under funding from the Hindu Zionists, Pakistan army is well and truly being surrounded by enemies from TTP to the media to the government to the political parties.

As long as we block the NATO supplies, the threat of a NATO attack remains zero. If the supplies are released, then be ready for TTP, US, NATO and Indians to enter into your homes, astaghfurullah!!! May Allah protect us from that fitnah.

The solution is what we have in our May 3rd ARY program. If the naiton and its leaders continue to play deaf, dumb and blind, then Allah will do what he wills and then the punishment would be all encompassing, without mercy. We have very limited time for tauba now. InshAllah, Pakistan is protected. But the Pakistanis will now be punished most severely, unless leaders and those in power do tauba NOW.

A frontier far away holds the key to our Olympics security

Instead of a military lock-down in London, politicians should focus energies on Islamabad.

Security: the Rapier missiles will form a protective shield over London during the Olympics
Security: the Rapier missiles will form a protective shield over London during the Olympics Photo: GETTY
There are now just 80 days to go before the start of the Great Siege of London, when the daily routines of millions of the capital’s citizens are to be subjected to military diktat. Forget the excitement of the sporting performances at the London 2012 Olympics. The Government’s decision to stage the biggest-ever peacetime display of the nation’s military firepower is set to rival anything the world’s leading athletes can offer at the various Olympic venues.
In scenes reminiscent of the Blitz, a new generation of heavily armed Typhoon interceptors and anti-aircraft missile batteries will be stationed among the city’s residential districts ready to shoot down any rogue plane at a moment’s notice.
The majestic reaches of the River Thames will provide temporary shelter for the Royal Navy’s largest warship, HMS Ocean, where teams of Royal Marines will be on 24-hour standby to deal with a terrorist attack. And in the city itself highly trained Special Forces units will mingle with the crowds on the look-out for suspicious characters. Heaven help the playful parent who uses a water pistol to cool down their over-excitable children in the summer heat.
If nothing else, long after it has been removed from office, the Coalition will be remembered for its one great triumph: turning a peaceful sporting event into a major war zone. The Olympic motto, Citius, altius, fortius – faster, higher, stronger – certainly seems more appropriate to the firepower displayed by our Armed Forces than the attributes of the competitors.
I doubt many Londoners would have voted in favour of their city hosting the 2012 Olympics if they’d been forewarned of the disruption it would inflict on their lives. But then, very few Londoners were consulted when, in 2005, Tony Blair took it upon himself to win the Olympic bid to show that, in spite of the unpopularity of the Iraq war, he still possessed that winning touch.
And I also question whether the Government’s over-the-top security measures will succeed in discouraging
al-Qaeda terrorists – who are still desperate to avenge last year’s killing of Osama bin Laden – from carrying out their schemes.
As a general rule, if Islamist terrorists are determined to perpetrate an atrocity, they most likely will. Those responsible for the September 11 attacks had several failed attempts to use multiple airliners in a spectacular attack before they succeeded in inflicting carnage on America’s eastern seaboard. The names of our own home-grown July 7 suicide bombers were actually logged in some obscure recess of the national police computer system under “pending”, but that did not prevent them from attacking London’s transport system that dreadful summer’s morning.
Such considerations, though, have not stopped the Government from assembling a 19,000-strong military force to ensure the event enjoys the best possible protection. I am sure I am not the only one to note that the total number of soldiers, sailors and airmen who will be on duty is twice the size of the British force currently deployed to southern Afghanistan, where British forces are engaged in fighting a real war, rather than an imaginary one.
For a Government that has shown little interest in military issues, inflicting cuts on all three Services during its ill-informed 2010 Defence Review, its enthusiasm for placing the nation’s capital under military occupation shows a worrying confusion over where our true national priorities lie.
By all means beef up the policing and other security arrangements that normally apply when we host a major sporting event. But if the politicians really want to stop Islamist terrorists from attacking high-profile fixtures, they would be far better advised to concentrate their energies on addressing the root cause of the problem – the lawless border territory between Pakistan and Afghanistan, where most of the plots are hatched in the first place.
Next week, a major Nato conference is being held in Chicago to determine the future of the West’s commitment to Afghanistan once the bulk of American and British forces is withdrawn by the end of 2014. As with London and the Olympics, Chicago is going to be subjected to a similar security lock-down as delegates from more than 50 countries deliberate over Afghanistan’s fate. Yesterday the conference website posted the cheery news about the extensive road closures that will be imposed throughout the city for the weekend-long Nato jolly, which is being billed as “Chicago 2012: the Global Crossroads”.
The conference’s primary aim is to persuade donor nations to contribute about $4 billion to sustain Afghanistan’s reconstruction effort after more than three decades of incessant conflict. This is a mere fraction of the tens of billions that have been spent on this benighted country since Western forces piled in following the September 11 attacks. And yet no one seems prepared to cough up what is, by comparison, a relatively modest sum. Which explains why our involvement in Afghanistan really is at the crossroads.
Britain, currently spending about £3 billion a year on the country, has said it will contribute $100 million (£60 million), allowing the Government to pocket the rest of its “peace dividend” from our troops’ withdrawal. But other countries, such as France, are reluctant to make even this modest contribution, an attitude likely to intensify following the election of the socialist and anti-war candidate François Hollande as the country’s new president.
The reluctance of those who will be attending the Chicago summit to commit to the long-term stability and security of Afghanistan is symptomatic of the mood of war fatigue that has overcome all the major Western powers, which was best summed up by President Barack Obama’s whistle-stop visit last week.
It was fitting that Mr Obama should launch his campaign for re-election with a photo opportunity in Kabul. The Afghan conflict has, after all, been dubbed “Obama’s War”, in contrast to the previous Bush administration’s obsession with Iraq. But the fact that Mr Obama stole into Kabul like a thief in the night and declared his intention to end America’s decade-long war against militant Islam before heading back to the US sent out the wrong signals. If all Mr Obama wants to talk about is when America brings home the troops, then there is little prospect of Nato achieving its most elusive strategic goal – forcing the Taliban to the negotiating table.
Moreover, it is pointless for Mr Obama or any other Western leader to make high-profile visits to Afghanistan while relations with Pakistan, its influential neighbour, remain in cold storage. Unless there is a radical change in Islamabad’s position, one of the notable absentees from Chicago will be Pakistan, a country that arguably has more influence over the Taliban than any other, particularly as most Taliban commanders take their orders directly from Pakistan’s ISI intelligence agency.
Rather than indulging in meaningless photo-ops in Kabul, American – and British – leaders would make more profitable use of their time trying to repair the disastrous breakdown in relations with Islamabad following the “kill raid” on Osama bin Laden by a team of US Navy Seals.
The key to better Olympics security lies on the Afghan-Pakistan frontier, not the newly constructed sporting arenas of the East End. If only our politicians could grasp this rather basic fact then perhaps we might all be spared the costly and unnecessary military pageant they are planning for this summer’s Olympic Games.

Sunday, May 6, 2012

Watch this short video and see the filth we call democracy

The biggest threat to Pakistan’s integrity, ideology and identity is this filthy democracy imposed upon this Pak Sarzameen. The entire nation, state and the people are heading for a massive bloody crash unless we wake up NOW and bring about a comprehensive change in the political, economic and judicial system of the country on the model of Khilafat e Rashida.

If the Supreme Court cannot do it, then army must defend Pakistan’s ideological and physical boundaries and act upon three point strategy. 1. To Bring a change in the system. 2. To bring in patriotic government of highly professional technocrats. 3. Slaughter the traitors and subversive terrorists on ground, in media and in the politics. Now, there is no other option but to revert back to Allah (swt). We have been auctioned, humiliated and sold by these filthy political leaders who come in different forms and shapes like shape shifting demons but behind the scenes, they all serve their master – Dajjal !! 

Now Americans will control our education too !!!!‏

Syed Zaid Zaman Hamid [Official]
The biggest damage done to Pakistan under this filthy regime is on the front of Islamic ideology, Pakistani identity and our values, faith, culture and dignity. The CIA backed Zionists are now in total control of our our Media, Education and Society where they are imparting vulgar western immoral atheistic values into our children especially our women and girls. The advertisement companies have crossed all limits of sharam and Haya. The Major news channels have become touts of Indian filthy culture spreading porn even in headline news. Muslim women are being corrupted in every possible way they can. When a woman is corrupted, many new generations are corrupted with it as mother makes a nation.

While we defend Pakistan geographically, we must not ignore the sinister attacks on our ideology, faith and culture. That is the real war. The damage to Sharia and Islamic thought is more severe than losses we have suffered on ground. The front of Ideology must be more jealously guarded. We are noting each and every move by these snakes and by Allah, all those involved will be held to most severe accountability according to Islamic laws in Pakistan, InshAllah very soon!

Spread our message and programs to every university, collage and schools and be the soldiers in defending the ideological and spiritual foundations and boundaries of Pak sarzameen. Till, the time, we have a pious government in place, we do this duty ourselves. Join the battle and spread out NOW. The enemy is upon and within us already.