Sunday, May 27, 2012

The day the mountains shook!

May 28th -- day we shook the world, wrote a new destiny and sealed the fate of enemies of Rasul Allah (sm)! Medina e Sani became the first Muslim nuclear armed state in history! Our nuclear status is the only obstacle in the creation of "Greater India" and "Greater Israel"!

Pakistan's nuclear weapons are the single most lethal threat to the Kuffar after our Islamic ideology. The entire 4thGW, Af-Pak and Cold start has been designed to take away this lethal security potential of the Islamic world. Our ideology and our nuclear weapons are the guarantee that this millat is here to stay, bound to rise and destined to lead, InshAllah!

This is the most fascinating an romantic story of the 20th century after the creation of Pakistan. Hear it and let your soul shake and melt under the intense heat of emotions and passions.

Pak Sarzameen, we love you!!!!!