Thursday, May 17, 2012

Pakistani nation will NOT be part of the Crusader's war against Afghan Muslims

Alhamdolillah,pressure generated by the patriots, youth and society has given cold feet to the government and they have delayed the announcement of the re-opening of the NATO supplies. This is a good development and shows that the emotions, passions and pressure of the patriots can make a difference. The job is not done yet. We will have to keep up the pressure till all NATO supplies are seized as punishment for killing or wounding 100,000 Pakistanis under Af-Pak and 4GW.

Pakistani nation will NOT be part of the Crusader's war against Afghan Muslims now. The sins of our leaders in the past 10 years have killed hundreds of thousands of Muslims in Afghanistan and Pakistan. Now it is time for tauba. The best tauba is to withdraw from this war, block and then seize all supplies, demand an exit date of all foreign forces from Afghanistan, initiate a peace process with Taliban and Tajiks, Uzbeks and Hazaras and kick all Indians out of Afghanistan with the help of our Afghan brothers.

Our treacherous leaders are still negotiating the rates and their commissions to send in weapons, fuels and ammunition into Afghanistan. They are not even debating the illegality, immorality and threats to Pakistan from the US presence in Afghanistan. Nation will not accept this treachery now. Enough!!!

If a dog falls into a well, you cannot clean the well by taking the water out. Dog must be pulled out first. The Zionist Crusader dog has fallen into the clean well of Afghanistan. Pakistan must pull the "dog" out first. Only then pure "water" of peace and love would flow from Afghanistan, otherwise, we will continue to have the filthy sewer of TTP, BLA, Drones and NATO attacks against us for a fatal war of annihilation.

Hold your battle stations in the cyber world and spread the message and wage the battle. You are making a difference, MashAllah.