Sunday, June 17, 2012

Allah has proved us right once again

When we exposed the media as instruments of war against Pak Sarzameen in this 4th generation war, the media called us an agent of establishment to silence the "freedom of speech"! When we warned the nation that Pakistani media is traitor and acting as propaganda arm of the enemies to destroy our ideological and geographic foundations, they called us an extremist against free media. When we filed a petition in the Supreme court against traitors in media, even the Supreme court got cold feet and was delaying the hearing of our case.

Alhamdolillah, today, Allah has proved us right once again and the most filthy face of media is now exposed to the millat. Now the entire country is talking about the treason, corruption and lies of media tycoons and anchors.

Let us warn you again. The biggest thief in media are shouting the loudest for the "accountability" of media !!!! Each one of them is a criminal and has vested interest to remain "Madar Pidar Azaad"! The traitors are pretending that they are clean and have never taken mone from the outside sources and presenting themselves for accountability. They know fully well that this system is too weak, compromised and corrupt to punish them, hence are confident today that their treason will not be punished despite being exposed. When even the SC is not daring to listen to the petition against traitor media, then who would do the media accountability?

But we assure you, the change is coming inshAllah. There will be most harsh accountability of media very soon, along with these politicians and rulers. The filth has been exposed by Allah (swt). arrogant and traitor Media could not even dream that Allah is about to grip and punish them. The process has just started. Just watch.....