Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Chief justice sahib, this is your moment !!‏

Syed Zaid Zaman Hamid [Official]
Dear Chief Justice sahib, when an allegation was put on Sayyadna Umer (RA) that he has taken two cloth sheets while Muslims had received one, Sayyadna Umer presented an instant accountability of himself and proved that he had not done corruption. This is the law of Islamic justice that rulers have to prove their innocence themselves and not demand proof from prosecution!!!

You have taken an oath of protecting the justice and constitution of Pakistan. You are answerable to Allah (swt) and to the nation. Here, some very powerful journalists are putting most shameful and serious allegations upon you. We feel that this is a scam to silence your courageous voice and attempts to nail the corruption of the government. You are duty bound to clarify these allegations before the trust, faith and hope of this millat is shattered.

If the allegations are correct, you must punish those who are guilty, even if it is your son as Rasul Allah (sm) has said in a Hadees which you have also quoted many times that "nations before you are destroyed because when a man of status and power committed a crime, he was not punished and when a poor man committed a crime, he was punished"!!

If the allegations are false, you must nail those snakes who are spreading these lies. This is your moment. Either way, you will become the greatest judge in history of Pakistan to be remembered for all times.

Punish the guilty -- the rumor mongers or your own son!!!! We are watching and Allah is watching too!! He will judge you on the day of judgement.

Source : http://www.columnpk.com/chief-justice-iftkhar-chaudhry-trapped-in-new-tension-2/