Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Dear Chief Justice do not be casual now.

 Syed Zaid Zaman Hamid [Official]

Dear Chief Justice,

Good shot! But do not be casual now. They are going to hit back with full force now. You need to deliver the coup de grace! The Memo treason has also been proven by your own Commission and now you must convict the traitors on that treachery also. Memo treason is too critical to be ignored. The implementation of NRO and Swiss case verdicts need to be enforced also. Carry the mission home. Job is not done yet.

It is time that you take up our petition against SAFMA and traitor media and decide about their sinister and hostile role against Pak Sarzameen. Those traitors need to be brought to justice.

What is happening is that a controlled demolition of state, its ideology and its institution is being carried out under this 4th generation war. The anarchy we see on the streets is also carefully orchestrated to achieve the required levels of chaos and state failure to bring mobs on the streets to ignite that urban war which would destroy the state from within and drag the army on to the streets against urban terrorists and internal anarchists. Media is an integral part of this war and now you know it too well.

This government has lost the moral, legal and constitutional authority to rule over Pak sarzameen. They are part of this war against Pakistan to make us into "Somalia" and then "Iraq" and then "Yugoslavia"! The situation is too critical. We need patriotic caretakers now else wild mobs would decide the fate of this millat. Be strong and decide with firmness. Call Pak army if you need to. They are on our side.