Thursday, June 21, 2012

Do NOT be a slave to western democracy.

China is a global super power now, leading the world in development, economy, defense and manufacturing. World is stunned by the amazing developments in China that today, the entire western world is dependent upon China for trade, loans and business. But does China has a democracy ???? NO. They have a dictatorship of a single party which controls the country with iron hand and keep it disciplined. Media is strictly controlled and there are no elections and no political parties. But still, their economy is now mixing communist values with capitalist openness and they have made their own Chinese model, unique to their country and needs.

The idiots who support demon-cracy of the West says like mind blocked slaves that worst democracy is better than a dictatorship but they also say that China has made great progress and is ideal role model for development. Does China has democracy or dictatorship?

What we are saying here is that Pakistan MUST also adopt, re-engineer and create a new political model which is based on Khilafat e Rashida addressing all the disease and sickness which we have in our political system which is built by the Zionist British and we still carry the dead body of that decomposed system.

We need to create a new model which is neither western liberal secular democracy of the west nor Atheist secular dictatorship of the Chinese. Iran has adopted a powerful system. Russia, Britain, US, France, Saudi Arabia, Cuba -- all have different systems which suit their societies. We will create our own, InshAllah.

Do NOT be a slave to western democracy. We are unique people and have different values, needs, threats and faith. Be free men, Mard e Azaad, who are free thinkers free from the slavery of system of Dajjal and can dare to create a new world.

Bringing in a patriotic caretaker technocratic government and blocking the elections is a good way to start! They will bring about the strategic changes in the system to prepare for the great role that we have ahead of us, InshAllah! Khair inshAllah!