Sunday, June 10, 2012

From Hitler to Panetta

"So, Adolf Panetta, you loud-mouthed bullyboy with eroding patience : Just what are you going to do? Take on the Pakistan army? If you do, you had better expect “full force” against you. I’ve known the Pakistan army for over thirty years and I tell you that every single member of it will fight to the death against any forays you order when you “reach the limits of your patience.”

From Hitler to Panetta
The Limits of Patience

Read this article by a good Australian soldier who knows the war US is waging against Pakistan and warns the US that they will be hammered by the Pakistan army is they try to out their boots on ground. This is where the Americans are trying to hire the Indians -- to act as Guinea pigs to die for the Americans in their war against Pakistan. Indians have their own plans -- they want to use the stupid Americans to declare a war on Pakistan. But as brian says, Pak army will hammer them man to man if they try such an adventure, InshAllah.

Let us add to this and give our own warning to the Americans and Indians - this time, we will NOT take prisoners!!! Welcome to Pakistan!!!