Monday, June 11, 2012

Glory is closer than you think!!‏

Dear Children, very soon this nation will be put in extreme tests as the final stages of the 4thGW are being deployed at all levels. The anarchy in Islamabad is now total, with all institutions, organs of the state and their bosses being dragged through the mud under various real and orchestrated scandals to decapitate the last remains of governance, security and justice in the country. This is called the Somalia doctrine being deployed to make Pakistan a failed, headless anarchic state. Now SC is also heavily tainted and we expect more attacks on the CJ and the army chief in the coming days.

The US team which had come to negotiate the opening up of the NATO supply routes have been given a good and proper snub by General Kayani. Panetta has been stupidly threatening Pakistan of running out of patience. NATO supplies are not going to open InshAllah! US would retaliate with more drone strikes, more support to insurgencies and terrorist groups and through a massive information and propaganda war against Pakistan through traitor media. They will help create more anarchy to humiliate the army -- the last fortress left to defend Pakistan while all other organs of the state collapse around us.

Under these circumstances, Pakistan army will have only two choices.

First is the anarchic one to Wait, watch and continue to take the present course while the state, economy and the governance completely collapse and Pakistan turns into Somalia. Then the US and NATO would launch the next phase of Af-Pak and Indians would join from the East under the Cold start. That would be the Iraq styled invasion from 2 sides with local terrorist groups of MQM, TTP, ANP and BLA joining the attackers from the inside. If army does not do anything now, this fate is inevitable. Army will then have to fight a massive decentralized, asymmetric, urban irregular high intensity war within our own cities and countryside. A nightmare scenario indeed. The cost of recovering the country would be in tens of millions dead or wounded, Allah forbid. If you think this is far fetched, just look at Iraq!

Second option is that army finally steps in now and remove this regime and install a patriotic civilian caretaker government which declare emergency in the country to recover from this state of collapse and anarchy. That civilian government would launch a most severe accountability, bring about economic stability and would eliminate the insurgencies and terrorism from the country with the help of people and the army.

If the nation continues to insist upon elections, on shameful debate about democracy or dictatorships, on failed judicial system which has not punished a single terrorist in 10 years or on this same sick and diseased economic model driven by corrupt political governments, then we are afraid, we should be ready for Iraq or Yugoslavia, Allah forbid.

There is no other options now. Army is the last hope to stabilize the nation and recover it from this bottomless pit. Our reference is Quran and Sunnah, which is also the supreme law in our constitution. Quran wants justice, peace, dignity, honor, social welfare and military strength to be developed and does not put any condition that it should be done by a King or a General or a Caliph or a President. What matters is that Pakistan must be protected and its people must be respected in an Islamic welfare state. Period. Debate about democracy is insanity at this stage.

What we are saying here is not meant for the slaves of this Kufr system. These slaves cannot think beyond democracy or dictatorship. Cannot dare to dream without paper currency based banking built upon interest and Riba. These slaves cannot even dream to envision dignity, ghairat and self respect for this millat. We are NOT talking to these slaves!!!

Our message is to the youth, patriots and the dignified who believe that they can change the destiny through the power of their faith, dua and unity within their ranks. For them, there is nothing impossible in this world. They are truly free men who have the courage to dream the impossible and the Yaqeen to march forwards to achieve that impossible dream. Our message is for the Banda e Azaad of Iqbal who has Faqr e Ghayyur and Nigah Buland!

We have chosen our path. We will NOT accept this humiliation any more. We will live with dignity and die with honor! We can change the destiny through our brave and brilliant strategy backed by the power of prayers!

Pakistan need your dua today. A fascinating destiny awaits us but we have to be worthy of it. Nature plans to open all its doors for us now which lead to ultimate glory in dunya and akhira. Just knock the door when it is the dead of night, alone, with your hands raised!! Glory is closer than you think!!