Thursday, June 7, 2012

India Massacring Kashmiri Students - Kashmir Intifadah (11 June, 2012)

Do not ever forget for a moment that our real enemy is Hindu Banya who is butchering and slaughtering Muslims for the last 63 years!!! While we fight the NATO on the western theater, we have NOT forgotten that our real preparations are for Ghazwa e Hind, final showdown with Hindu Zionists!

We are keeping a closest watch on the crimes of Indian establishment and army in Indian occupied Kashmir and in elsewhere in India, the Hindu Occupied Greater Pakistan which we will reclaim in Ghazwa e Hind InshAllah, for the crimes committed by Hindu Banya against humanity and Muslims.

The Geo-politics of the region is clearly heading for a massive showdown. We are not war mongers. We are only preparing ourselves for a war which has been triggered by Indian Zionists when they occupy Kashmir, block our waters and advance into our lands to capture Siachen and when they support insurgencies and rebellions through Afghanistan. Indian has dismembered Pakistan. Pakistan has not dismembered India.

Now it is time for payback, big time. No dignified nation would take such shameless non-sense from a ghatia enemy!