Sunday, June 10, 2012

Indians plan to fight Pakistan to the last American

Indians plan to fight Pakistan to the last American :)

This is the convergence of American Af-Pak and Indian Cold start against Pakistan with the 4th generation war already deployed into the last phase in Pakistan's politics, media, economy and military. Once the internal anarchy, implosion, collapse and disunity reach a critical threshold, two simaltanous invasions from West and East were planned to turn the country into another "Iraq" and then towards another "Yugoslavia"! Everyday, more of their sinister plans are exposed.

There is a reason why patriots are still fiercely resisting the opening up of the NATO supplies -- it has damaged the Af-Pak and Cold start in one master stroke.

But the 4GW still rages on as we have a treacherous and corrupt government and sold out political parties ruling the country today. MQM, ANP, PPP and now even Congressi Mullah Fazal ul rehman also demands a cut in defense budget when we are already in a state of existential war. Know your enemies and know the threats else you would be history!

The solution is clear -- remove this regime, bring in caretakers, ruthless accountability of the present rulers. If SC does not do it, we invite army to come to clean up the mess. In times of war, only martial law is applied! A war is upon us and the SC, government and the media remains in fatal denial.