Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Its now or never‏

When we warned them of anarchy, chaos, 4thGW, AfPak, Cold start, urban war and economic collapse and warned them of traitors and plotters within our ranks- the idiots or the traitors called us conspiracy theorists !! When we demanded that army must step in to restore sanity in the political, judicial and media anarchy, then they called us fascists and extremists.

Now watch the filth hitting the roof in Islamabad and see how we warned you of the controlled demolition of the state and its organs at the hands of traitors and fifth columnists. After the press conference of Malik Riaz, even the Chief justice is badly burnt and bruised. We had warned of this scenario in our May 3rd program on ARY with Waseem Badami. They did not listen and now pay the price. Next target of the enemies will be the army chief to complete the meltdown.

We are telling you now. The country is sinking rapidly at the hands of traitors, blackmailers and fifth columnists snakes. Army must NOT remain indifferent, else it should prepare for a bloody urban war which is now all set to explode because of the collapse of the government and judiciary. It is now or never!!!