Sunday, June 17, 2012

Mairaj !!!‏

The sunnah of Mairaj teaches us that reaching the excellence in spiritual elevation is also a Sunnah for Momineen to follow. This is a level where there is no barrier between Abd and Mabood, Khaliq and Makhlooq, Mohib and mebboob and Ashiq and Mashooq!

Mairaj is another name for human excellence in spiritual and mystical elevation, a fascinating dimension reserved only for Ummat e rasul (sm). At this level, as Iqbal has said, Khuda Bandey sey khud poochey Bata teri Raza kia hai and Zameen o Aasmaan o Kursi o Arsh, Khudi ki zad main sari khudai !!

Rasul Allah (sm) has blessed us that our Salat is a medium through which a momin can reach his excellence, his mairaj! Sayyadi Rasul Allah (sm) says "salat is the mairaj of Momin"!

On this night, do lots of astaghfar, durud shareef and revert back to Allah and Rasul Allah (sm) and strive to achieve your excellence in spiritual and mystical dimension. people remember all the other Sunnah of Rasul Allah (sm) but they forget that Mairaj is also a sunnah to achieve and the medium is through Salat and closeness to Allah (swt). This amazing dimension is only reserved for the most brave, most dignified, most honorable Banda e Momin, Mard e Azaad with Faqr e Ghayyur! This is Mairaj of a Momin! Achieve it!