Thursday, June 14, 2012

Memo is confirmed -- Now army must hang the traitors because CJ cannot !!‏

While the government and media are fiercely attacking the CJ exploiting the sins of his son, the real traitors are not being discussed in media. The memo commission report has come which clearly proves that Haqqani and his government in Islamabad are guilty of high treason! Watch this program to know the reality of the commission judgement.

This is the actual sin of the CJ that he delayed the judgement on memo high treason case and refused to listen to our petition against treacherous media. Now the same government and the media are bringing him down and humiliating him. In our May 3rd program, we had warned the CJ that a coup against him is being planned and he must dismiss this traitor government or resign to save himself. He did neither and today is being humiliated.

Now it is too late for CJ. He will most probably be destroyed or at least seriously bruised. But the nation must NOT forget the traitors who wrote the memo and they must also be put on trial for treason and hanged. Hussain Haqqani did NOT act alone. He had the full backing of Zardari and Gilani and now all of them are after the blood of poor CJ whose son became his biggest fitna!

Pak army, you have waited long enough. Now the SC will not be able to punish the traitors. Now it is the duty of the army to hang the traitors!!!!