Monday, June 18, 2012

My dear Chief Justice

My dear Chief Justice Chaudrey sahib, let us give you a serious sincere advice. Either implement and enforce your decisions against this filthy corrupt regime or resign honorably and make an exit while you still can with dignity. Else, the PPP regime has drawn the daggers and are now planning to humiliate you as if there is no tomorrow. You cannot co-exist with these scumbags now.

They are weaving a web of lies, deceptions, propaganda, conspiracy and subversion around you and the entire sinister conspiracy of the regime has also been exposed on multiple counts.

There is absolutely no doubt that the regime and its topmost members are involved in the latest media gate scandal. There is absolutely no doubt that your son has blundered big time and is now a source of humiliation for you and the event is now being exploited against you to the full.

There is absolutely no doubt now that memo is a reality and Hussain Haqqani has been found to be guilty by your own commission.

There is no doubt now that PM is a convict but still continues to remain the PM and weave a web of lies and deceptions against you.

There is absolutely no doubt now that the media and the government deliberately hyped the missing persons case so that relations between the Supreme court and army are deteriorated to such levels that army cannot be called in support of a surrounded Supreme court. Your own commission led by Justice Javed Iqbal has exposed this drama as well.

There is also no doubt that you have taken up too many cases against the government which are fatal for the regime but you have not enforced anyone of them decisively, letting the government plan a counter attack and humiliate you and the SC.

There is a cardinal rule of hunting wild animals. When you are hunting big game, you always go for the kill and never leave the animal wounded as a wounded animal is most lethal and uncontrollable. You have made this fatal mistake many times. Wounding the regime but never delivering the coup de grace, and now you see them stabbing you in your back! Well, what can we say? you brought it upon yourself.

You still have time to redeem your dignity and honor. Enforce your decisions on convicted PM, Memo treason and NRO Swiss case scandals. In this war, army is on your side. Do not humiliate the army on missing persons propaganda launched by paid media in orchestrated lies. Constitution allows you to call army to your help if the government is rebellious to the law.

If you can do this, you can still ride this crisis and come our more tall and dignified. Else, resign and go home with dignity. Else, be prepared. The muck you have seen flying your way is just a starter. The regime and its foreign backers are after your scalp. They are wounded, venomous and masters of deceptions.

We must acknowledge that you have put up a good fight. Now either deliver a knockout punch or throw the towel. Getting knocked out yourself is not a pleasant option.

May Allah bless Pakistan and patriots and humiliate the traitors and munafiqeen.

Pakistan Zindabaad.

Zaid Hamid