Thursday, June 21, 2012

Pakistan need a massive surgery

Pakistan need a massive surgery and overhaul of the political system. There are many models available in the world. Pakistan will have to create its own model according to our own problems, threats and challenges. Iran's model is an impressive adaptation to suit Iranian needs and prevent foreign involvement and corruption in government and politics.

Iran has full democracy, tailored to national needs, which is a unique, interesting and effective political model which greatly prevents corruption and foreign interference in Iranian politics.

Iran have democracy but NO political parties.

Iranian President is directly elected by the nation from a selection of chosen top few patriots. Only the finest and the best come to power from the best of the best. The election commission selects the candidates from the entire nation. Anyone can become Ameer, President or Raees e Jamhoor as they call it.

Iran always have a technocratic government. Finest of the technocrats are selected by the President as his team to make the Cabinet and government. They are NOT elected by the people.

Clean, patriotic Politicians can come into the parliament through elections but NO politician can become Minister or hold Public office. Imagine, politicians do not have power and money in their hands!! They make laws in parliament and debate the policy but implementing the policy, power, positions belong to the team of the President who are highly professional technocrats.

The office of the Supreme Spiritual leader oversees the strategic direction of the state and gives general policy guidelines to Parliament and President. In Pakistan this can be done by National Security Council comprising of top political, government, judicial and military officials.

In case of dispute between parliament and President, Supreme Court or the office of Supreme leader can intervene.

Armed forces are under the control of the Supreme Leader and then the President. That is why, there can never be a military coup in Iran. No need as all organizations work under strict control and discipline, delivering justice and peace to the nation.

The media is strictly controlled by the state and no ideological, spiritual or national subversion can be done in the name of Azad media. Media is used to create a patriotic, responsible nation and to extend the national economic, military, foreign policy goals into the world. Iran's press is finest and most responsible in the Middle East to protect their national interests. Net is filtered to prevent filth and subversive sites.

The Pakistani politics is sick, dirty and filthy because politicians come into parliament to become minister and hold powerful money making public offices and then rob, loot and plunder the public wealth ruthlessly. The politicians and ministers are mostly Jahils, uneducated idiots who knows a jack about governance and management, foreign policy and national security but insist on holding the critical jobs of ministers and control money. Iranian model has blocked this path of corruption and incompetence.

The existing system of dozens of political parties created on the basis of ethnic, linguistic, regional prejudices and power in the hands of corrupt, incompetent and treacherous political leadership has eaten the roots of this millat.

We need to create our own model. By giving example of Iran, we have shown that living nations solve their own problems and do not remain slave to the system of democracy or dictatorship. The media and the politicians corrupt the government and spread anarchy because both remain uncontrolled and unaccountable.

Take the power out of the hands of politicians, control the media and bring in patriotic passionate technocratic government led by a strong dignified President or Ameer, King or Sultan or Chief Executive or Khalifah -- name does not matter -- and we have a solid combination to build Pakistan. InshAllah Khair!