Tuesday, June 12, 2012

SC should dismiss the regime now‏

Just last night we had warned you that chaos and anarchy is going to hit the roof in Islamabad and the meltdown of state and its organs would accelerate. The Memo commission has finally found Hussian Haqqani guilty of treason against the state and the army.

Now the issue in front of SC is to find his mentors and accomplices with whose consent he wrote this treacherous memo. It is not difficult to guess that he did not act alone and Zardari and Gilani are the prime suspects along with him. Now SC will try to establish that but HH will never come to Pakistan now. The regime is going to unleash all its goons, tricks and propaganda to stay alive and a massive war within the state organs is now going to collapse any governance and law in the country.

Now the time has come. SC must dismiss this government now as it has lost all moral, political and legal authority. If this regime, whose main characters have been proven to be traitors, is not removed by the SC, then the patriots would be justified in asking the army to remove the filth and punish the traitors of memo. There is a limit to non-sense which we will take. enough!