Saturday, June 16, 2012

The snakes sof the system -- journalist and the lawyers - an idiots is soon a slave or dead !!!‏

Dear children, remember this. The only destiny for fools, idiots, casuals, stupids and arrogant is slavery and humiliation. The evil powers of today, manipulate the hearts and minds of the youth to enslave them to the system of tyranny and corruption. The media, judicial system and the education system is their weapons.

Bernard Lewis, a contemporary orientalist has categorically said that the modern western civilization and its domination of the world is based on two fundamental professions -- Lawyers and Journalists !!

Lawyers make the laws for system of Dajjal, control the judicial system and prevent the implementation of Sharia and Quranic justice.

The journalist serving the system is an intellectual subversive terrorist and pimp responsible for waging a war of lies, disinformation, propaganda and deceptions.

Today, this fact is blatantly exposed as we see the last phases of 4th generation war against Pak Sarzameen where the top lawyers and the journalists are demolishing the very foundations of Pak Sarzameen.

Revert back to Quran and Sunnah and learn from Iqbal. A Momin is not stupid, naive or idiot. He is too honest to deceive anyone but also too shrewed to be deceived by anyone. We are on this battle station to give you knowledge out of the fog of lies, disinformation and propaganda orchestrated by the journalists and lawyers. Spread and share this knowledge for it is to protect you from slavery of the Dajjal! It is your choice now. You want to live with dignity or live in shame and humiliation? We have made our choice -- a life of dignity, a death of honor!!!!

Rise and protect your honor, freedom and dignity. The snakes have arrived with full force!!!!