Thursday, June 14, 2012

US aircraft carrier entering Pakistani waters near Gawader

There are now reports of US aircraft carrier entering Pakistani waters near Gawader. Indians have been involved in attacking across the Line of Control for the past 2 days. It seems that the external threats of Af-Pak and Cold start are now flexing their muscles as the chaos and anarchy through the 4thGW reaches its peak in Islamabad and in rest of the country.

We had warned about this threatening scenario months ago. When the 4GW would reach its critical levels of collapse and controlled demolition, the external threats of invasion would rise. Hindu Zionists want to fight Pakistan to the last crusaders! US wants to deploy Indians on ground against Pak sarzameen.

Welcome. We wait in ambush! Remember this, we will NOT take prisoners. You can enter into Pakistan but by Allah, you will never leave this land alive!

Months ago, we had filed petition against Traitor media and their information war against Pak Sarzameen. CJ refused to hear that. We had asked the CJ to remove this regime over treason, corruption and siding with the enemies. He refused to do that also. Now he is fatally wounded by this regime and treacherous media and the collapse is now total in Islamabad.

We have no problems with the enemies from the outside. If we are burnt it is because of those within our ranks, pretending to be our leaders, "free media" and "azaad adlia"!!

Dana dushman is not a threat to us but a Munafiq within our ranks or a nadan dost in power over us. These snakes will be removed first InshAllah! The process has begun. You can see that now.