Wednesday, June 27, 2012

US pays high price for Pakistan route cut-off: admiral | DAWN.COM‏

NATO and US, this is just the start uf our revenge.

If you think getting in is expensive, now it will cost you even higher trying to get out alive from that graveyard of empires!

You went into Afghanistan after threatening, bulldozing and bribing our corrupt regime. You ignited wars within Pakistan, you supported TTP and BLA, you killed thousands of Pakistanis in illegal drone war, you killed and wounded over a hundred thousand Pakistani by giving weapons, explosives and ammo to the insurgents, you bought our media to spread lies, disinformation and propaganda against our faith, ideology and armed forces. You sent in assassins like Davis and spied on our strategic assets. You bought traitors like shakeel afridi and conducted raids into our country under false pretexts, you never paid penny for your supplies that were going in and caused us almost 90 billion dollars worth of losses in men and material!

The charge sheet against you is long and serious and now we have put you on trial and found to be guilty! Your punishment is banishment from our lands, death and humiliation!

Your fate is now in our hands alhamdolillah! Now you will see what we will do to you InshAllah!
“On the ground, it's almost three times more expensive to come from the north as it does from Pakistan,” said the Defense Logistics Agency