Monday, June 25, 2012

We will take revenge from CIA and TTP‏

Last night in Dir, next to Afghan province of Kunar, TTP terrorists backed by CIA/RAW, attacked Pakistan army patrol and over 11 Pak army troops were shaheed, with 6 being beheaded later by the terrorists. While the US and CI are forcing Pakistan to wage a war against Afghan Taliban, the CIA is fully supporting the TTP to wage a massive insurgency inside Pakistan.

We will take revenge from CIA/RAW for this atrocity. Not just that CIA is supporting these terrorists, they are also waging a massive drone war inside Pakistan killing thousands of innocent civilians and non-combatants. CIA/RAW is also supporting BLA insurgency inside Pakistan creating anarchy in Baluchistan. So far, over a 100,000 Pakistanis have been killed and wounded by this CIA backed covert war against Pak Sarzameen.

We demand that Pak army must respond ruthlessly against TTP. The wars of 21st century cannot be fought with military doctrines of 20th. The terrorists, non-state violent actors, covert secret operations by foreign intelligence agencies in 4th generation war do NOT follow Geneva conventions or any morality. Pakistan need to get pro-active to hit the TTP bases inside Afghanistan where CIA and RAW is protecting them, training them and giving them weapons and supplies.

Pakistan army must also form military courts for all the captured TTP terrorists and then crucify them according to the laws defined in Quran for those who create fasad in the land. In the battle field, we ask Pak army NOT to take any prisoner nor hand them to the civil courts. This is war and we will fight it under the martial law for the non-state state insurgents and terrorists who do not follow any rule, morality or sharia.

And to the US, for one, now we will never open the NATO supplies. US can go to hell and climb the highest pole or jump in the Arabian sea. We are not going to open your supplies. Let alone opening your supplies, you will not even get a passage to get out of that graveyard. Now you die in Afghanistan! We buried the Soviet union there and now we will bury you, InshAllah.

You made a blunder on Salala and now your armies are choked in Afghanistan. Now you have made another blunder now and now you will feel the bite of our response but would not see it. Now we will also respond in kind, with covert operations which will remain secret even in success. Take this as a declaration of war!
While the third week of September saw an orchestrated verbal onslaught on Pakistan by the US policymakers and