Monday, July 2, 2012

BrassTacks Economic Paper

Capitalism is dead! The exploitative, interest based, Banking system based on paper currency is now crashing!

These are most critical BrassTacks policy papers on global economy and financial crisis. These will shock and awe you and then fascinate you with the simplest and most time tested solutions. Here we have compiled them in a pdf book format.

EU and US economy is crashing rapidly. In next 3 months, InshAllah, there would be a complete meltdown in Euro zone and Euro's future as a currency is already serious doubted. The Capitalist economic system is also crashing - we have entered the last phase of destruction of Capitalism. With the collapse of the EU zone, 1.4 trillion dollars worth of US economy entangled with Euro zone would also come crashing down putting extreme stress on dollar which would ignite a massive global economic crisis.

The economic back bone of US and EU is now broken! They cannot wage another war against Pakistan. Pakistan is in the strongest position to resist and block NATO’s moves in the region. This is the time to hit the NATO and the US. Our moment of glory in history is closer than most of you think.