Wednesday, July 4, 2012

By the grace of Allah, We, the sons of Ummat e Rasul (sm)

By the grace of Allah, We, the sons of Ummat e Rasul (sm) and Pak Sarzameen, blocked these supply lines for 8 months against impossible odds. No body in Pakistan expected that these supplies could be blocked for more than a week but we achieved the impossible. We gave them a loss of nearly 3 billion dollars in extra cost for supplies through central Asia and air. We damaged and delayed the Af-Pak invasion upon Pakistan. We proved to the world that Pakistan can stand up to US and NATO, alhamdolillah. If today, we have been hurt, it is because of traitors. We will deal with them now, InshAllah. Just watch.

We had warned the nation that if these supplies go through, the country would be in another more lethal and bloody war. Pakistan will remain intact but the Pakistani nation will be severely punished for this betrayal of the Ummah. It is not just the politicians or the army to be blamed. The entire millat is responsible for this Khiyanat. The Ulama, political parties, religious parties, media, youth and the people -- we as a nation have committed this sin and now will pay collectively. Now Tauba will be accepted with blood alone.

Those who did not play any part in blocking these supplies have no right to complain now. Those who blocked them once will continue the fight and will block them again, InshAllah. Either be a soldier of Pakistan or shut up. Traitors, munafiqeen and Tamashbeen are all alike. Allah does not need them now. Even from this betrayal, great khair is emerging, InshAllah. Be part of it or stay silent. Allah will do what He plans through His chosen ones.